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Whether it’s a meal out with friends, your weekly grocery shop, or renewing your car insurance, NCT Members Club has a deal that could save you money. Simply fill in how much you spend monthly or annually on the everyday categories, then the savings calculator will generate your annual personal savings total.

NCT Members Club is our collection of money-saving rewards, discounts and services covering everything from maternity clothes to shoes for toddlers, from cinema tickets to laptops, and household bills to holidays (with or without the kids).

  • Want to save money on your weekly shopping at leading supermarkets? That’s OK.
  • How about at JoJo Maman Bebe, Bamboo Mama or T.M. Lewin? Save up to 15%, plus many more.
  • Or how about a discount on a meal out or a night at the cinema? No problem.
  • There’s even a free legal advice line… just in case.


There is no sign up process, nor any extra charge to access the Members Club – there’s exclusive access for all our members. At a time when every penny really does count, NCT Members Club has been designed to make membership even more rewarding.

Plus members also get money-saving priority entry to our famous Nearly New Sales, regular newsletters and local information plus access to regular branch social events.

And many of our benefits carry a price promise stamp:

There is no extra charge to access these benefits. 
National Price Promise – This stamp means you should be getting the best possible price/deal in the UK for this product or service
Provider Price Promise – This stamp means that you should be getting the best possible price/deal that this company makes available

Membership options

We have a range of membership options to meet your needs, from just 73p a week. One membership covers up to two people at the same address for the same price, just select the 'Joint Membership' option to sign up your partner too.

  • Standard 1-year Direct Debit option - £12 a quarter - £48
  • Standard 1-year single payment option - £48
  • Value 18-month Direct Debit option - £9.50 a quarter - £57
  • Value 18-month single payment option - £57
  • Reduced price membership is available at £10 per year. Just let us know if you receive Employment Support Allowance or tax credits (excluding child tax credits alone)
  • For those who volunteer with us we offer a reduced rate membership of £26