NCT Stars Awards 2017

Nominations are now closed for our NCT Stars Awards 2017. Details of those who have been nominated for an award will appear on this page shortly.

The annual NCT Stars Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements, hard work and dedication of our volunteers and practitioners who make a fantastic contribution to the Charity’s work by providing services and supporting parents and parents-to-be across the UK at an incredibly important time in their lives.

New for 2017

  • Four revised award categories, including two new team awards
  • In each category individuals and teams can enter themselves or be nominated by someone else
  • Vote for the winners in your region


The categories

Volunteer of the Year

This award is for an NCT volunteer who has gone above and beyond expectations and made a significant impact on parents' lives and wellbeing.

Examples could include volunteers who have:

  • Reached out to include and involve parents from diverse backgrounds or those at greater risk of isolation
  • Helped to expand the support NCT provides after birth by introducing a new service in their branch.
  • Worked hard to build their branch through the recruitment of new volunteers or members, or provided exceptional support to other volunteers.
  • Worked to inform, influence or lobby local maternity services to ensure that they are reaching and supporting all new parents.

Practitioner of the Year

This award is for an NCT practitioner who, either through their paid practitioner or volunteer roles, has gone above and beyond expectations and made a significant impact on parents' lives and wellbeing.

Examples could include practitioners who have:

  • Helped someone overcome a barrier to increase their confidence in giving birth or parenting.
  • Gone out of their way to ensure the support they offered was accessible and welcoming to a wide range of parents and parents-to-be.
  • Helped to achieve supportive services in their local area through campaigning, lobbying or acting as a representative on a local group such as a maternity services liaison committee.
  • Made extra effort to ensure that someone felt they belonged to a supportive network of parents. 

Volunteer Team of the Year

This award is for a volunteer team in a branch that has gone above and beyond expectations to expand local services and extend the support provided to new and expectant parents.

Examples could include a volunteer team that has:

  • Set up a new and successful Bumps and Babies group or other branch activity, to support local parents.
  • Raised vital funds for NCT through fundraising or a successful grant application.
  • Introduced a project such as Baby Bundles to provide much needed support to vulnerable local families.
  • Worked hard to promote Nearly New Sales or other branch events to parents not usually reached by NCT.

NCT Team of the Year

This award is for an NCT team that has demonstrated excellence in working together to support parents in their First 1,000 days to have the best possible experience of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. The team may include volunteers, practitioners and/or other NCT colleagues.

Examples could include a team that has:

  • Identified a local need and worked together as a team to plan and secure funding for a new service to support parents.
  • Delivered a successful project that has reached out to parents from less affluent communities or from diverse backgrounds.
  • Worked with Health Care Professionals or other organisations to make NCT services more widely accessible.
  • Demonstrated excellent teamwork by supporting each other to achieve our vision of a world in which no parent is isolated and all parents are supported to build a strong society.


Who can enter/nominate?

Nominations are open to all.  Maybe you're a parent who has attended an NCT Class or group?  Perhaps you're a healthcare professional who has worked with someone from a local NCT branch? Or maybe you're an NCT volunteer or practitioner wanting to nominate a colleague?

Practitioners, volunteers and staff may also enter themselves for an award.

Please see the rules for further information.

Why enter/nominate?

Winning an NCT Stars Award is an achievement to be truly proud of - NCT Stars Awards winners are recognized and celebrated throughout the year and their achievements provide ongoing inspiration to colleagues across the UK.

By entering or nominating a colleague you could give yourself or that colleague:

  • A fantastic morale boost – be celebrated throughout NCT and beyond
  • Much deserved recognition - who doesn’t want to win recognition for their hard work and dedication?
  • An opportunity to inspire NCT colleagues, showcasing success stories and individual or team excellence

“To know I made a real difference to women and their families is a wonderful feeling” Amy Delicate – NCT Practitioner of the Year 2016

What are the judges looking for?

The judges are looking for Stars who have gone above and beyond what is expected of them. In particular they will be looking for:

  • Evidence of how an individual or the team has led by example and shown commitment to providing informed, caring support to parents.
  • Examples of how an individual or team has identified a problem or opportunity and what they did to extend support to parents
  • Evidence of the impact they have made. This could include quotes, figures or feedback to demonstrate the difference they have made.
  • Any examples from which the whole organisation could learn or perhaps trial in other areas.

You can see previous successful nominations by reading the citations that appear in the 2016 NCT Stars Awards handbook.

How are the winners chosen?

Once nominations have closed, all entries will be reviewed against the minimum requirements set out in the rules.

Qualifying nominations will initially be judged by a panel of volunteer and practice team members and a shortlist will be drawn up of three nominations per category per region.

The winner in each region will be decided by online voting.

Regional winners will be put forward to the National heat which will be judged by a panel of staff, trustees, senior volunteers and practice team members as well as at least one person from outside of NCT.

When will the winners be announced?

The regional winners will be announced in early September.

The National NCT Stars Awards will be presented at an event in Central London in late autumn.