We have financial support to suit student needs including a grant, bursary and travel support.



Fees are set by the University of Worcester on an annual basis. The fees for the 2020/21 academic year are:

  • Full-time fees - £7,520 per year

Student Finance

You may be eligible for student finance to cover these Tuition Fee costs and additional maintenance and childcare costs. Please check your eligibility directly with Student Finance England.

Grants and Bursaries

If you are not eligible for student finance, we also have an NCT grant and income related bursary available, subject to eligibility. All self-funding fees are payable to the University of Worcester and can be paid in six instalments from October to March, to help spread the cost.

NCT Grant

We are committed to making our qualifications accessible to everyone, so we are excited to announce the following NCT grant available to those not eligible for student finance:

NCT Grant - Full-time Students who are unable to access student finance

For those students who are not eligible for a Tuition Fee loan through Student Finance England, NCT will award a grant of £1,000 to reduce the fees student will pay to £6,520 for academic year 2020/2021. This grant is awarded automatically, but students can still also apply for our Income related bursary if eligible.

Income related bursary

The Income related bursary is available to those who are not eligible for student finance and whose household income is less than £40k per year.

  • For full-time students for academic year 2020/21, NCT will award a bursary of £1000.

This can be applied for as an additional reduction on top of the NCT grant. The figures below show the total fee reduction, including the NCT grant for academic year 2020/21:



NCT Grant

Income Related Bursary

Student Pays






Applying for the Income related bursary

To apply for the Income related bursary mentioned above, please email bursaryfund@nct.org.uk. Please apply as soon as you have received your offer on the course. You do not need to apply for the NCT grant, as this will be awarded automatically.

Please note: Bursaries are discretionary and awarded on an annual basis. NCT is committed to making training affordable but we reserve the right to review, withdraw or amend bursary amounts awarded each year.

Travel support

If your household income is less than £40k per year, we can give you income related travel support, please email Travelfund@nct.org.uk for more information.


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