Students who train with us will be involved with their local NCT branch as a part of their training course.

Local NCT community

Students are sometimes already branch members and involved with NCT; they know how valuable getting involved is for parents and for themselves, and they also know the satisfaction of making a difference for local parents and of working in a team with friends.

NCT branches are the local face of the NCT in providing many opportunities in bumps and babies groups and open houses for parents to get together for friendship and mutual support. NCT Practitioners need to know about local branch activities so they can encourage the couples that they support to get involved.

As a part of their training, students will be involved with their local NCT branch, this allows them to:

  • Reflect on their experiences of being involved with parents, and to use these reflections in some of their assignments
  • Gain a real knowledge and understanding of what NCT can offer parents in their own area and nationally
  • Start to support parents through involvement with the branch

There are a wide range of opportunities for becoming involved, and these can be discussed with both the branch and the tutor.

The nearest branch can be found by calling NCT Enquiries on 0300 330 0700 or by visiting our Local activities and meet ups section and entering a postcode.

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