Rosie, one of our student practitioners gives her story on studying with us.

Rosie, one of our student practitioners

"My first encounter with NCT was when I started volunteering with my local branch when my daughter, Anouk, was 4 months old. I later embraced the role as newsletter editor where I put together a feature called ‘We Tried Our Breast’, which featured a variety of experiences of breastfeeding. Not all of them continued breastfeeding and I found every encounter so touching. In my own way, I wanted to express how unique each woman/couple’s experience with feeding is, as it can be a very emotive topic and women often feel judged when actually they should feel empowered!

After reading the article, one of my friends asked if I had considered becoming a breastfeeding counsellor. Anouk was 18 months old by then and I was looking to start something new to fit around my family life. So, without hesitation I looked into the NCT college breastfeeding counsellor course. My original plan would have been to just train as a breastfeeding counsellor, but to get the funding to study, I had to choose a full-time course, which means choosing two pathways. So, as well as breastfeeding counselling, I am training as an antenatal practitioner, which I am so excited about! Doing the degree has been an incredible journey and broadened my horizons in baby feeding as well as labour and birth. The prospect of working with parents in this precious time in their lives is really exciting (if a bit nerve wracking)!

"It's so interesting and passion driven, the hard times have really been worth it.

"Studying with a toddler is intense and the work load is not light. But, it’s so interesting and passion driven, the hard times have really been worth it. Not to mention the amazing support from tutors and colleagues. I have had my moments of panic and despair, which I got through thanks to my colleagues’ warmth and encouragement and amazing tutors who are truly caring, patient and wise beyond words.”

Would you like to follow in the footsteps of Rosie and study to be an NCT Practitioner? Visit our Train with NCT page to find out more.

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