By volunteering a few hours each week or month with NCT you can make a huge difference to parents both locally and nationally, as well as developing new skills and having fun. Everyone can volunteer - you don't need to have existing knowledge of NCT or to be a parent yourself - we'd love you to be involved.

Our volunteering roles are available at local branch, regional or national level. Almost all can be flexible and can be shared with a colleague or friend. All will be enjoyable and challenging! They are also great for your CV  - adding valuable transferable skills to your existing work history. Which role will you choose?

Branch volunteering

Branches are the local face of NCT: friendly, accessible, caring and encouraging. There are many ways volunteers can get involved in branches, a selection of the types of roles are described below:

  • Branch Coordinator - Leads the Branch Team, is main link with regional volunteers and UK office and an advocate for NCT locally
  • Parent Support Coordinator - Works with other volunteers to provide a range of activities and is the contact for parents looking to join in
  • Breast Pump/Valley Cushion Volunteer - Holds a Breastpump/Valley cushion and offers it as a hire service for new parents
  • Bumps and Babies Volunteer - Organises social Bumps & Babies group for parents and parents to be, in local homes or coffee shops
  • Cheeky Monkey Coordinator - Manages the setting up and running of the branch Cheeky Monkey Tea parties, an important branch fundraising activity
  • Baby First Aid coordinator - Manages the organisation of Baby First Aid courses and liaise with British Red Cross to deliver the course to local parents, and raise funds for the Branch.
  • Nearly New Sale Team - NCT Nearly New Sales (NNS) raise essential funds and provide a valuable parent service. The NNS Team make sales run smoothly, organising sellers, stock and promoting the sale  to local parents.

Not all branches will have all roles available at anyone time - But all branches are happy to hear from potential volunteers so find your local branch and see how you can get involved

Regional volunteering

  • Regional Coordinator - Leads and recruits a team of regional volunteers, Offers support and guidance to branch volunteers and is main link with UK office and an advocate for NCT regionally
  • Area Link Volunteer - Some larger regions are divided into areas, area link volunteers keep in touch with their local groups, offer support and guidance and liaise with the Regional Coordinator
  • Regional Newsletter Reader - Receives newsletters from branches across the region, reads them to keep up to date with branch achievements & offers support and feedback.
  • Regional Fundraising Advisor - Offers support and guidance to branches looking to increase or dicersify their fundraising.

National volunteering

Do you have skills or experience that you can offer NCT on a National or strategic level? Let us know: enquires@nct.org.uk

Shared experiences helpline - if you’ve had a challenging experience during your pregnancy, birth or early parenthood and would like to volunteer so that you can help us to make a difference to parents who really need us, contact us on enquiries@nct.org.uk.

How do I start volunteering for NCT?

The easiest way is to contact your local branch, tell us what you’re interests and skills are and find out what opportunities there are currently. You can find your nearest volunteering opportunities using our local NCT branch finder

If you can't find your local branch or find out that it is dormant, contact our enquiries team on 0300 330 0700 . We're always keen to hear from people interested in reviving their local branch, and will give you all the tools and support you need to get it up and running again!