NCT Volunteering is open to all and we aim to be as inclusive as possible. NCT volunteers come from many different backgrounds. You do not need to be a parent or a woman to make a difference to local parents through NCT.

Cath Auty, Volunteer Regional Co-ordinator

Talks about how volunteering for NCT has enriched her life while she supports other parents...

How do I start volunteering for NCT?

The easiest way is to contact your local branch, tell us what you’re interests and skills are and find out what opportunities there are currently. You can find your nearest volunteering opportunities using our local NCT branch finder

Claire Annals, volunteer with NCT Bassetlaw Branch and East Midlands region 

Discover how volunteering boosted her confidence…


Picture of Claire Annals - NCT Volunteer

What’s been your volunteer journey with NCT?

I think I’ve done pretty much every role, when we moved to Nottinghamshire I found that my new local branch, had just been wound up. I moaned about it so much that someone suggested I restart it. To do this I had to step right outside my comfort zone. I contacted UK Office and the Volunteer Regional Co-ordinator, who supported me. I then held a revival meeting in my dining room with only 16 branch members, and took on the challenge of holding a Nearly New Sale just eight weeks later!

 I stepped back when my eldest son started school. Little did I know then that there would be an addition to the family! Now I’m back helping out at Bumps and Babies coffee mornings, I’m also an area rep in the East Midlands Regional Volunteer Team.

What have you enjoyed most about being a volunteer?
Learning that I am more capable than I thought! I also enjoy that shattered-but warm-glow after an event and making friends for life. Also, hearing someone say ‘I don’t know what I’d have done without the support of NCT’ and knowing I’ve been a part of it.

What would you say to people who are thinking of volunteering?
Never think ‘I can’t do that’. You don’t have to live up to the person that did the role before you. You will be great whatever you do, whether it’s making the tea at a toddler group, helping out at a Nearly New Sale or balancing the branch accounts, you are making a valuable contribution to your local community and a national organisation, and many people will benefit as a result.

Mark, Branch Co-ordinator with NCT Goldalming & District Branch

Discover whether being a man makes a difference…

Picture of Mark - NCT Volunteer

What’s been your volunteer journey with NCT?
Because of the support we received fromour branch, I really wanted to give something back and looked for volunteering opportunities. My work commitments meant I wasn’t available during the day, but the role of co-chair was vacant so I volunteered for that.

What have you enjoyed most about being a volunteer?
The best thing for me is hearing from families who appreciate what we’re doing for them. It really does make me feel good, knowing we’re having an effect. It’s also challenging & rewarding to do something outside of work which is different to my day job.

Do you think being a man makes a difference?
At the moment I’m the only man in any of our branch roles, I’m hoping to encourage more dads to get involved. NCT is here to support both parents and there are loads of ways dads can get involved.

What would you say to people who are thinking of volunteering?
Really, do go for it! Meet the local team and if you’re not sure, start small, maybe helping at a coffee morning. You don’t need to volunteer as Branch Treasurer or Co-ordinator straight away. You can take on as much or as little as you’d like.

Geraldine,Volunteer Regional Co-ordinator for East of England

Discover why she is so passionate about volunteering for NCT.

Picture of Geraldine - NCT Volunteer

What’s been your volunteer journey with NCT?
Just after I joined NCT, I saw an advert for branch secretary in my local newsletter and thought ‘I can do that’. When I called, the then Branch Coordinator, she said the role was taken but asked if I was interested in getting involved in fundraising. I  had a wonderful time arranging events and eventually attended an event in Radlett where I met the Volunteer Regional Coordinator for East of England. She made such an impact on me that I secretly said: ‘One day I am going to volunteer for that role. I joined the regional team soon after and now, a few years down the line I’ve got my dream volunteer role!

What have you enjoyed most about being a volunteer?
As a Regional Co-ordinator, I get such a sense of pride and satisfaction by supporting and helping other volunteers. I love thinking of new ways of doing things to support our volunteers effectively. As well as Regional Training days I offer to volunteers across the region,  I’m about to pilot a series of “Saturday Surgeries” giving intensive support to volunteers in new or challenged branches.

What would you say to people who are thinking of volunteering?
If you see an advert in your newsletter or someone asks you about taking on a role – go for it. You will have fun, meet different people gain skills and training and most importantly, you will help make a difference to people around you.