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The following places have been recommended by parents living in the area and these are their observations. We cannot accept responsibility for the services they supply. It is NOT an exhaustive list!

The Canal Towpath, Skipton

Walk from Coach Street car park along the towpath taking you around the back of the castle. This comes out over an iron bridge where you can either turn right and continue into the woods (managed by the Woodland Trust) where the bottom part is pram friendly or turn left coming down Chapel Hill and past Napiers Restaurant rejoining the town centre on Grassington Road (opposite Staniforths' Buthchers).

Bolton Abbey Estate

Many walks around this area but a good one for pram users is from the Cavendish Pavillion site through the Strid Woods. NOTE - there is a parking charge but in the winter months this is waived Mon to Fri. Visit for more details.

Aireville Park, Skipton

A pram friendly walk through the park with play area. From the park you can pick up the canal path and walk into Skipton.

East Marton, A59

From the Cross Keys pub down to the Abbot Harbour Cafe.

Embsay Reservoir

Parking is available and is a good walk for younger walkers (fairly flat, no traffic) but it is not pram friendly.

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