Below is a list of taxi companies in our area who will take women in labour to the hospital, and also transport you & your baby home if needs be:

  • Premier Cars - 020 7354 8989/9999 
  • Essex Express - 020 7359 1111 
  • Imperial Cars - 020 7700 4999 
  • Kwick Cars - 020 7226 6666 / 020 7609 3333

Please phone them near your due date to double check that they are still happy do so - we last checked with them all in September 2013.

Pregnancy and car safety

 The law states that all pregnant women must wear seat belts when travelling in cars; this applies to both front and back seats. The safest way for pregnant women to wear a seat belt is to:

  • Place the diagonal strap between the breasts (over the breastbone) with the strap resting over the shoulder, not the neck. 
  • Place the lap belt flat on the thighs, fitting comfortably beneath the enlarged tummy, and over the pelvis not the bump. 
  • The belt should be worn as tight as possible. 
  • In this way the forces applied in a sudden impact can be absorbed by the body's frame.

It is not advisable to wear 'Lap-only-Belts' as opposed to lap and diagonal belts as they have been shown to cause grave injuries to unborn children in the event of sudden deceleration. Mother and unborn child are both safer in a collision if a lap and diagonal seat belt is being worn correctly (text copyright RoSPA).

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