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Mum and baby ordering a delivery online.

Let’s bring the party to you. And by party we mean quiet evening in, of course, because we’ll probably be in bed by 10pm

While we’re all used to getting a pizza delivered and our regular drip feed of ‘stuff’ from Amazon, coronavirus means delivery is now at the heart of our lives.

Although we're now able to grab a coffee or nip into a shop, if you're still feeling cautious or are isolating, the brilliant thing is that many businesses have diversified to deliveries. And that’s great in two ways.

First, it’s helping a lot of businesses stay afloat during tricky times. Second, it can make staying in a lot more fun. Here’s what you can now order to your door…

1. Books

What do you want when you’re inside, two days into self-isolating? Entertainment, and what better than a book? For you, and the children.

While it’s easy to download on your Kindle and click Amazon delivery, many independent bookshops are in a precarious position right now and have started to do deliveries to help their businesses.

Check out your local shop and see if they’re offering the service. They’ll be grateful for it. As will your children when they get a new book to read, alongside your new Marian Keyes.

2. Bonuses on your milk delivery

If you get a milk delivery anyway, have a look what else they sell. It’s a very good time to have a guaranteed supply of the basics. A lot of them do cheese, eggs, bread and yoghurt at least, straight to your doorstep.

And if you don’t have a milk delivery, look into it in your local area. It’s a great way to cut back on plastic anyway, especially with small children that guzzle a lot of whole milk.

3. Afternoon tea

Many local coffee shops are feeling the effect of a coffee and cake habit that’s abruptly halted for a lot of people. Check out what your local café is up to, as a lot of them are now doing deliveries on anything from a piece of cake to a full stomach-stuffing platter of afternoon tea.

4. Far better takeaway options

If you live in a city, you can get most food options delivered. Outside of the cities, not so much. But with coronavirus, many independent restaurants that don’t normally deliver have begun to.

Make enquiries and let’s take advantage of the small bits of good news around, namely that we can now eat our favourite restaurant food while in our onesie and slippers in front of a Friends repeat.

5. Market shops

That local market you normally browse at on a Sunday? You can still do that, kind of. Many smaller markets are trying their hand at delivering your selections to the door, in an effort to keep going while footfall is down. Do some digging and see if it’s happening in your local area and if not, suggest it!

6. Local gin

Many smaller local alcohol businesses are looking to deliver now too, giving the generic stuff in your supermarket order a run for its money.

If you’re finding yourself reaching for the odd glass of wine in the evening now, this could be a good way of helping local indies too.

7. The sausages you love from your local butcher

Swerve the endless conversations about when you can get a Tesco/Sainsbury’s/Waitrose delivery slot and contact that zero waste independent up the road or your local butcher instead. Ask if they’re doing delivery; many of them are.

This way you can shop local, support small businesses and probably get it all to your door a lot sooner than that supermarket would have done too.

For ideas on cooking from your cupboard for your baby, see here.

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Read the the NHS advice on what you should do when you’re self isolating to try and prevent passing on the virus to other people at home.

Take a look at the latest public health guidance for pregnant women and parents.

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Mum and baby ordering a delivery online.

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