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How to keep in touch with grandparents

Parents or in-laws are at the heart of our kids' lives and suddenly, the pandemic means it might be harder to see them in person. Here’s how to still feel connected to them…

One of the hardest things that coronavirus has brought can be a distance from grandparents. Many parents rely on them for support, childcare and way more Peppa Pig magazines and chocolate buttons than any toddler really needs.

But with the over 70s being one of the vulnerable groups in the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of us have been forced to stay away from them through social distancing and self-isolating. And as they’re a constant lifeline for us, that distance is hard.

Here are some ways to stay connected to those brilliant grandparents in our lives…

Send cards that can double as a craft session

One thing that Covid-19 hasn’t taken is the postal service (thank you, postmen and women). So cheer up some bored grandparents with jolly hand-scrawled-on cards.

Turn creating them into a craft session with your toddlers too so they can make the cards then add picture stamps, glitter, stickers and make them completely personal. Which their grandparents will think is a work of art, obviously (and they are definitely not biased).

Take it back to the nineties

Teach your toddler how we used to do things, by speaking on the phone. We know! Imagine! It doesn’t even involve typing. What is this, after school in 1995? They’ll love being the grown-up one holding your mobile to tell Grandma what they’ve been up to as well.

…but take advantage of what modern technology has to offer too

Technology and apps have been a lifeline throughout the pandemic, especially for grandparents who've had to spend time on their own. If they’re not technologically-minded, talk them through it and help them get set up. And then grab your children and keep them in touch with your baby’s gummy grins and your toddler’s hummus-covered face.

Send surprise SOS packages

Food deliveries are one thing but think outside the box for what might cheer up grandparents that are climbing the wall and desperate to see their favourite granddaughters and grandsons. Flowers always make people smile but we suspect an album of some lovely moments together would be the ultimate winner right now…

For more ideas on surprising things you can get delivered, see here.

Share media

One of the best ways to talk about something other than You Know What at the moment is by immersing ourselves in books, TV and films. Share recommendations and you’ll be able to catch up with your parents on how they’re finding that Jojo Moyes, or if they loved Green Book as much as you. And if they fancy watching Toy Story 4, they can do the same with the children too…

Let them join in on bedtime

You know the celebrities that read the bedtime stories on CBeebies? We have some new ones; they’re the lesser-seen grandparents that your children are pining for since they’ve been self-isolating. Set up a Skype session and let Nanny do her best Gruffalo voice, before blowing some bedtime kisses. Perfect. Or as near to it as we get until we can do the real thing.

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