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Coronavirus (Covid-19) and celebrations apart

Coronavirus has definitely changed how we can celebrate special occasions and events. But we think we can - and should - still mark them though. Here’s how to celebrate with friends and family, while we're apart.

With current government guidelines limiting social meet-ups, it might mean you have to be apart from your friends and family when you would have been together celebrating. Here are our top tips to make it special still…

Send something in the post

While your friends or family will definitely miss you, they'll also appreciate the old-school arrival of something through the letterbox. Go traditional with flowers or deliver brownies from a local café that’s struggling in the face of the coronavirus.

Organise a surprise group Skype chat

You could get siblings and other friends on board too. Pile babies on your lap or get the prosecco in your hand, depending on the type of celebration, and get everybody together for a virtual catch up. While it’s not traditional – and will likely come with its hiccups unless everyone is a pro with tech – it’ll be a celebration you definitely won’t forget in a hurry.

Have a Netflix party

Netflix has a ‘Chrome extension’ available so multiple people can watch a film or TV show ‘together’. Get the movie snacks in and look away awkwardly at the rude bits and it’ll be just like watching a film with your mum in real life.

Have an old-school phone call

We’re so dependent on messaging these days that it’ll be a genuine novelty for your friend or relative to get a call from you. Make a cup of tea, get comfy then pick up the phone like it’s 1995 and your friend is phoning for a gossip. They will love to hear your news, and tell you theirs too.

Book something in for a TBC future date

None of us know how long the coronavirus pandemic will affect us for but at some point, we will come out the other side. Buy a voucher for something you and your friends or family members love to do together (bonus if you can support a small business like a local nail salon/spa/restaurant at the same time) and look forward to a time when the world looks less daunting.

Write a letter

A card is nice but at a time when we’re all feeling emotional and nostalgic, a letter telling your loved ones what they mean to you will make a perfect keepsake. If your children are old enough, one from them too would be even better.

Order a cake

… and ask the people who deliver to let you know when it arrives. And then, call your friends or family members. If your children are old enough, get them to join in too. It’s a lovely bonus if you can order the cake from a local bakery that may be struggling because of coronavirus. See our article about other surprising things you can get delivered.

Nail the present

Ok so you can’t get together this year but you can get it spot on with the present. It’s likely we’re all going to be spending a lot of time at home over the coming month so go for luxe loungewear, cosy pyjamas, scented candles and chocolate. All things to make self-isolation, or just staying at home more, that little bit more jolly.

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) and celebrations apart

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