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Hand washing

Though it’s hard to imagine it now, the COVID-19 pandemic will end. And when it does, we will appreciate the small things so very much

1. Soft, normal, age-appropriate hands

We took our hands for granted. Now that they look like the red-raw paws of an octogenarian wrinkled bear from the endless coronavirus hand washing and getting your little one to wash theirs. A small thing in the great scheme of things but still, we will forever appreciate our normal soft hands.

2. Cuddles

Seeing someone else walking with their pram across an empty field from you and edging away from them panicking is sad. Not being able to hug our mum friends at a hard time is sad. Self-isolation is sad.

When this is over, we will appreciate human touch to the point that those friends might even start asking us to give them a bit of space. 

3. Every other problem in the world

If you’ve suddenly decided that you don’t care much about Brexit any more, you’re not alone. The same goes for the row you had on a Facebook group the other week. Right now, nothing else seems important.

We look forward to when we can moan and mutter about stuff that isn’t about an infectious disease, frankly.

4. Reading about trashy news

Desperate to switch off from the heavy-duty coronavirus news, we’ve gone online to see what’s happening in the world of the D-list celeb. And all the D-list celebs are doing is… self-isolating and social distancing.

Come back bum lifts and quick engagements, we miss you.

5. Knowing what we’re doing with the rest of our lives

The oddest thing about all of this is how life - holidays, returning to work, school - is all so unpredictable. Though lockdown rules are slowly easing, making any long-term plans is tricky. It’s disorientating and we can’t wait to be able to plan again.

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Hand washing

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