Our sling library is usually held on the first and third Fridays of every month at Christchurch on Bedford Road in Hitchin.

Its open between 10am until 12pm but must be booked in advance. Check our events listing for the latest information and the link to book.


Not heard of a sling library before? Read on!

Sling libraries are the perfect opportunity to try different baby carriers before you invest in one for you and your little one. 

In our well stocked library we have a selection of different types of carriers, from stretchy wraps to soft structured carriers suitable from Newborn to toddler and our experienced sling library coordinators can help you find one that is comfortable for you and suitable for the age and stage of your baby. 

There is a collection box at each session, so you can show your appreciation for any good advice you feel you've received even if you decide not to hire a sling at the time. All proceeds from hires and donations go towards covering the library costs, including new purchases for the library.

In order to comply with COVID19 guidance to attend our Sling Library session, you need to book a timed slot. There will be 5 slots of 20 minutes, where you will have the time to look at the slings and speak to a dedicated sling library volunteer. Check our events listing for the link to book.

How to hire

Carriers are usually hired for a 10 day period but extended hires can often be agreed if required for a holiday, for example.

We charge £5 to hire a sling for 10 days and also ask for a cash deposit. We charge £30 deposit for stretchy wrap carriers and £50 for all other carriers. 

At present, the only way we have to take payment for hires and deposits is by cash. We are working on alternatives at present, but want to get the library up and running again. Deposits (cash or cheque) will be safely stored and will be returned provided the sling is returned in the same condition as it was hired.

We also ask for proof of your address, for example a driver's licence or utility bill (unfortunately a higher deposit will be required if these can’t be provided on the day of hire)

Anyone can attend the sling library and hire a carrier, you do not have to be an NCT member.

If you would like to know more, please email slings.hertsnorth@nct.org.uk