As a branch, we are always looking for new volunteers to join us.  It's a great way to meet others in the area, give back to those in the community and looks good on your CV.

NCT Volunteers


What’s involved?
• Leading regular branch planning meetings

• Working with your team to provide exciting and interesting activities for  parents to be and new parents

• Working with your team to plan fundraising activities to help finance branch expenses and support the national NCT movement

• Linking with NCT staff and regional volunteer teams to ensure two-way communication and make sure everyone is kept up-to-date

• Promoting NCT in your local community

• Recruiting and retaining branch volunteers by enabling a good volunteer experience

What makes a good Branch Coordinator?

• Good communication skills including being able to listen and problem solve

• Delegation skills and the ability to set priorities

• The ability to organise people

• Enthusiasm and confidence


Being a Branch Coordinator is a great volunteer role for anyone who is passionate about making a difference, is organised and is friendly. The time you will spend will vary from week to week but around 2 hours on average.


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What’s Involved

  • Answering the emails that come through to our main branch email account. Most of the queries are regarding our Playgroups, First Aid evenings, Nearly New Sales and antenatal courses. Therefore, it's just a case of answering the emails or forwarding them to the other volunteers who deal with that particular area.
  • The branch secretary also gets sent information from our Head Office and again, it's just making sure that it is sent to the correct person within the branch.
  • Returning any calls left on our branch answer machine


The email needs to be checked every couple of days, but we only get a handful of emails, so doesn't take long. There maybe a few forms to complete from our Head Office, but these are normally towards the end of the financial year and are mainly on-line surveys about how the branch has been doing etc.




To try to get as much publicity for the Branch and NCT as possible and to maximize the opportunities for raising the Branch's and Charity's profile through media coverage and other publications. To help promote the local Branch's activities, including our Baby & Toddler Groups through local media, health professionals, local websites and facebook pages.



Electronic Media Editor

To keep our website and facebook pages up to date. This includes putting new events onto our website and facebook sites, posting interesting and informative articles onto our facebook pages and liaising with the NCT local course PSA re forthcoming antenatal and postnatal courses that need promoting.




To be part of a team that puts together the events that we run throughout the year. This includes our Messy Play Mornings, Halloween Disco and to come up with ideas for other events, you may be happy to run for us.  This can include booking the venue, entertainment, organising refreshments, arranging a raffle etc.




We also need some general helpers, who can just help us on an ad-hoc basis and perhaps cover for people who are away or not available for a particular event. This is a great way to ease yourself into the role of being a volunteer, before taking on a more specific role.