We are always looking for additional helpers so we can put on more branch events, whether for 1 hour a year to several hours a week. Please contact us for information as to how you can help!

We are currently looking for people to carry out the following roles.

  • Coffee Morning hosts - you decide on a day and time to suit you, either at home or an outside venue like a cafe.   We publicise on our Facebook page without making your details public
  • First Aid Coordinator - to liaise with Red Cross and venue, set up and manage event on the NCT system and ideally to be there on the day. 
  • Walk leaders  -you decide on a day and time and a buggy friendly place to walk and we will publicise it on our Facebook page.   A great way to meet other parents and get some exercise at the same time!   it's even better if there is a cafe at the end!), 

If you would to know more about these then please contact us - branch.watford@nct.org.uk