Our next Nearly New Sale is on 14th of March 2020 in the St. Jude's Church in Mapperley (405 Woodborough Road, Nottingham NG3 5HE) from 10.00 am to 11.30 am (early entry for NCT members at 09.45 am)

Seller and Helper registration are now open. To register as a seller, click here. To register as a volunteer, click here.

As a seller, we strongly advice you to read the seller information pack and Nearly New Sale principles before you register. As a volunteer you can register for both or just one helper shift (07.30 am - 10.30 am and/or 10.00 am - 01.30 pm).

We need volunteers to run the sale. Please help making this sale possible and successful. As a volunteer you do have access to the pre-view sale and will be one of the first ones to shop for the best bargains.

Do you want to advertise your business in our Goody Bags? Email us at nns.nottingham@nct.org.uk. Please understand, we can only advertise a business which does not conflict with the NCT service and comply with it's principles.

Please follow us on the NCT Nottingham Facebook page and our event page for updates and tips on selling and buying.

What is the NCT Nearly New Sale?

At the NCT sale we sell maternity goods, nursery equipment, highchairs, pushchairs, moses baskets, cots, new born, baby and toddler clothes (up to 2 years), and children's clothes (up to 8 years), swim wear, shoes, baby and children's toys, books and DVD's at a high quality (‘nearly new’) and a good/bargain price. We run the sale to help those who wish to re-cycle their no longer needed baby/children’s clothes and items and those who wish to buy good quality clothes and items at a bargain price. You can be involved in the sale as a seller, buyer, volunteer or any combination of these.

What is to know about being a seller at the Nottingham NCT Nearly New Sale?

  • As a seller you must read the seller pack and the Nearly New Sale Principles. The seller pack contains information on how to sell and how the NCT Nottingham sale is run. The Nearly New Sale principles contain information on what we can and cannot sell. You can find further information on the NCT seller website. 

  • NCT Nottingham usually runs ticketed sales which means you register, we sent you labels, you label all your items and deliver them to us. We then sell your items for you. At the end of the sale you collect your unsold items.
  • We charge a £5 non-refundable registration fee and a 30% commission. The commission can be reduced to 25% or event 20% if you volunteer at one or two volunteer shifts, respectively. Funds raised with the comission go to fund the next sale and support the local work of the charity.You will receive your money (your takings minus the commission) within two to four weeks of the sale.

  • We will start sending out seller packs including a reminder of our terms and conditions and the labels 4-8 weeks prior to the sale. If you need your seller pack earlier, please email us (nns.nottingham@nct.org.uk).

  • As a seller, please consider volunteering as well. We need volunteers in order to successfully run the sale.

  • We strongly encourage sellers to share Facebook posts from our NCT Nottingham Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/NCTNottingham/), hang posters and hand out flyers we sent with the seller pack to help to make the sale more widely known and more successful. 

What is to know about being a buyer/customer at the NCT Nearly New Sale?

  • The sale runs usually for 1.5 hours.  Everybody is welcome, however, NCT members gain a 15-min earlier entry.  Please bring your membership card. Be on time as the very best items sell quickly.
  • Entry fee is £1 per adult, children are free.

  • Goods are categorised in areas, e.g. baby and children toys, books, clothes etc.

  • We accept cash and card payments at the tills.

  • You receive a Goody Bag when you leave the venue. Local businesses advertise their business with us in their plus you get free samples!

  • We have a cafe for refreshments. However, we only accept cash at the cafe.

  • The sale is run by volunteers who tidy up, organise goods, run the tills and cafe and help you out if you have questions.

What is to know about being a volunteer at the NCT Nearly New Sale?

  • We have two volunteer shifts.  Please read the seller information pack for the times or check our Facebook Event page. You can sign up for either or both. Upon registering as a volunteer, you can opt for volunteer tasks like e.g. helping in the cafe, at the tills or in the main hall. In the early shift you will most likely be helping to set up the venue and organising the goods into categories and depending on the chosen task run the cafe or tills or help in the main hall. In the later shift you will do the same plus help tidying up.

  • As a volunteer of either or both shifts you gain access to the pre-view sale usually taking place half an hour before we open the doors for the NCT members. So, get the first chance on all the bargains!

  • It is worth it, you help running an event which helps families to re-cycle their goods and others to buy good quality items for a bargain price.

  • Raised funds go towards the local work of the NCT.

Do you want to get involved?

If you would like to help us plan and organise the sales please contact us at nns.nottingham@nct.org.uk. There are loads of things you can do, often from home around you daily commitments. Any help, how big or small is appreciated.

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