Kingston NCT Services

Please see contacts on our welcome page regarding these groups.

Antenatal Classes

Small classes for couples with babies due around the same time and a great way to meet other new parents in your area. The course enables you to make informed decisions in pregnancy, childbirth and very early parenthood. Refresher courses for subsequent pregnancies are also available. These are shorter and customised to the group. Book early in pregnancy as demand is high.

Bra Fitting Service

This volunteer position is currently vacant. 

Breastfeeding Counsellors

Our Breastfeeding Counsellors offer support and advice on any aspect of breastfeeding. They are flexible in their attitudes to infant feeding and therefore supportive if a mother chooses not to breastfeed.

Breast Pump Hire

The Egnell Pump is a mains electric breast pump useful for mothers who find it necessary to express breast milk at home. Available for hire at reasonable rates. 

Bumps and Babies Coffee Groups

Coffee groups for pregnant and new mums. A great way to meet new people and let your little ones make new friends. 

Caesarean Birth Support

If you know you are having a caesarean we offer information and let you know your options. We can also help you make a birth plan. If you have had a caesarean we offer telephone support. 

Dads’ Group

An opportunity for dads to get together and a great way to meet other dads in the area. 

Early Days Course

These mother-centred courses help you to discuss life as a new parent with a qualified group leader, to explore issues from crying to sleeping to the reality of parenthood and to meet other new parents in your area. 

Home Birth Support Group

Jane Cunliffe. Email her on for the next meet up!

Miscarriage Support

Support and understanding for parents who have experienced a miscarriage. 

New Members’ Evenings

A way to meet other new members in the area. Contact 

Vaginal Birth After Caesarean

Support for women who would like to have a vaginal birth following a previous caesarean birth. 

Valley Cushion Hire

The Valley cushion has been designed to relieve pain in the perineal area following childbirth. The cushion is for hire at reasonable rates.