New baby? New to the area? Want to meet others in a similar situation to share the shock and awe of parenthood? For many, the Bumps and Babes group is one of the best avenues to openly discuss the state of their baby’s nappies, the erratic sleep patterns their little one has, or their joys and frustrations of parenthood, to name a few. Conversation, of course, doesn’t stop there. Bumps and Babes groups are good places to pick up tips on local events and to simply chat with other adults about anything of interest. It can be so hard to meet people with babies and young children of the same age. Bumps and Babes groups are informal get-togethers which are there to help parents to meet one another in a local venue.


Anyone is welcome to come to a Bumps and Babes group. You don't have to be a NCT member. You can attend a NCT Bumps and Babes group whether you have a bump, baby or children.

When & Where?

Depending on the host, Bumps and Babes groups might be hosted in a local cafe or in someone’s home. They usually run for a couple of hours and can be a regular meet or ad hoc to welcome new members. Bumps and Babes Groups confirmed so far are:

NCT Riverside SW8 Bumps and Babies. Every Tuesday at 2.30pm - 4pm via Zoom Our hostess is Caroline and she can be contacted on

Planning to come?

Please contact Caroline to be added to the Whatsapp group, the link to zoom will be posted weekly on there.