The cost of kitting out your child for the first five years can run into thousands of pounds. NCT Nearly New Sales are the perfect solution – top-quality baby and children’s clothes and equipment at bargain prices straight from their loving owners.

Keep an eye out for details of our Next Nearly New Sale! Our sales have previously been held at the massive and beautiful Glossopdale School's Hadfield site on Newshaw lane SK13 7DA, we hope to be back again as soon as possible. 

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Get the most out of the sale

Here are a few top tips on how to get the most out of our sales:

  • Arrive in plenty of time as there is usually a queue.
  • NCT members are allowed earlier entry so consider joining the NCT ahead of the sale.
  • The sales are often very busy and pushchairs are allowed but you might find it easier to shop with your baby in a sling
  • Think about how you are going to get your shopping home – please consider bringing a helper if you plan to buy any large or heavy items.

Seller registration will hopefully open in September for our Autumn Sale. Please see our Seller's page with more details about what it takes to be a seller.

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Save money

We all know how quickly babies grow out of clothes and toys and it seems such a waste to spend so much money on brand new items that won't get much wear. And that's where our Nearly New Sale comes in. Unlike a table top sale, there is no haggling for price with the seller or digging through stacks of clothing piled high on small tables. Our sales are laid out like a shop, all clothes are either on hangers or in bundles, all clearly labeled by size and all with a price tag. If you need a buggy, go to the buggy area, moses basket, choose from one of many as there's always loads at varying prices. And we always ensure that all products are looked over by volunteers as this is not a jumble sale. We want top quality, clean, cared for items only to sell and prices are always a bargain! We also accept debit/credit cards so bring your wish list and your family, as who knows you may need a hand carrying all your shopping bags to your car.

Save time

The sellers are nearly all parents like you so they know exactly what you need. You may be able to get everything you need for your new baby at our NCT Nearly New Sales.

Help other parents

All profits from NCT Nearly New Sales help us support new mums and dads on their journey towards becoming a parent. In fact they’re our biggest fundraising event, raising over £1 million for services to parents every year. With the money from our last sale, we purchased new sensory toys for our Monday Bumps & Babies groups and they've been having lots of fun with the lights off and light up sparkly toys.

Help the environment

We all know how many clothes, toys and equipment you need for a new baby, but buying new uses up valuable natural resources.

Every item you buy from an NCT Nearly New Sale is an item which isn’t going to landfill.

Glossop NNS 2017Glossop NNS 2017

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