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  • 1) NCT Antenatal Courses
  • 2) NCT Postnatal Courses
  • 3) NCT First Aid Courses
  • 4) Introducing Solids Workshop
  • 5) NCT Mother and Baby Yoga
  • 6) NCT College


1) NCT Antenatal Courses

NCT antenatal

NCT offers two antenatal courses.

NCT Signature courses are tailored to the needs of the small group taking part. More than half of the course will cover the birth of your baby and give you plenty of time to explore your questions, hopes and anxieties. The NCT signature antenatal courses are famous for the friendships and networks that form as parents-to-be prepare for one of life’s most wonderful experiences.

NCT Essentials courses are a shorter programme of six two-hour evening sessions which offer you information and emotional support for pregnancy, birth and caring for your baby. The course aims to bring confidence to parents-to-be in preparation for the big day.

The courses are run by NCT teachers who undergo thorough training with the NCT and who qualify with a University Diploma in Antenatal Education. Contacts for classes within Oxford city:

  • Nicola and Heidi run classes across Oxford (including some weekend courses).
    These classes can be booked by Tel: 0300 330 0700
  • Virgil runs classes in Jericho. She can be contacted on: Tel: 01865 512965 or (via Hannah Shipton) by Email. Please note that this course is run by an NCT affiliate teacher.*Affiliated teachers have the same training and Licence to Practise as other NCT teachers, but run courses as a separate business from the charity. The courses and teaching are run to the same high standards of the NCT, but pricing may vary from the prices listed on our website, and locations and course durations may also vary from other NCT courses.

We recommend that you attend a course that finishes between 20 and 60 days before your due date.


2) NCT Postnatal Courses

Postnatal courses

NCT Early Days courses offer a supportive space to share your experiences of parenthood and explore different approaches to important parenting issues with a qualified group leader and other new parents in your area. This course will give you the opportunity to build your confidence in what works best for you and your baby as you begin the exhilarating journey that is parenthood. Courses are suitable for parents of babies aged 0-6 months old.

The courses are run by NCT postnatal leaders who undergo a thorough training programme with the NCT which also leads to a university diploma. Contacts for courses and classes within Oxford city:

Guin is our postnatal leader in Oxford.
Early Days courses can be booked by Tel: 0300 330 0700

• More information about  NCT Early Days courses.
• Concessionary rates are available. 


3) NCT First Aid Courses

First Aid

NCT has teamed up with the British Red Cross to create the NCT baby first aid course. This unique course will give you the chance to learn and practice vital first aid skills that could one day save your child’s life. The courses are suitable for parents, expectant parents and carers of babies and young children. Babies up to 6 months are also welcome to attend.

What does the course cover?
The course covers first aid techniques for babies (0-1 years) and children (1-12 years).
The course lasts for 2.5 hours and content includes:

  • Loss of consciousness and CPR
  • Choking
  • Bleeding
  • Burns
  • High Temperatures
  • Meningitis

Every parent has worries about facing an emergency situation involving their child. These courses will address your fears giving you lots of practice in lifesaving techniques and plenty of opportunity to ask questions.
For more information and dates please email

Find out dates on the branch event calendar.


4) Introducing Solids Workshop

A 2 hour course. NCT Introducing Solid Foods workshops help you to decide when to start introducing solid food to your baby, what approach you want to take and what to expect. The workshops are suitable for parents of breastfed and bottlefed babies aged three months onwards.

These sessions are designed for a parent or carer to attend with their baby. Anyone responsible for a baby as they prepare for the transition from milk to solid foods is welcome. It does not matter if you have already started giving your baby solids when you come to the workshop. Your baby is welcome to attend with you.

Find out more information or book a course at


5) NCT Mother and Baby Yoga

NCT Mother and Baby Yoga classes are suitable for you and your baby to attend from six weeks after birth. You need to have had your six/eight week check from your GP, and been given permission to restart exercising before attending classes. These sessions run on Mondays from 11.00am-12.00pm. For more information please visit the NCT Mother and baby Yoga page or contact Cath: 


6) NCT College

If you are interested in a new role to help new and expectant parents then we may have a suitable course to train you to do this at NCT Training. Roles you can study for with NCT are:

Supporting parents before birth
Antenatal Teacher
NCT Yoga for Pregnancy
NCT Birth Doula

Supporting parents after birth
Postnatal Practitioner
NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor
Community Breastfeeding Counsellor
NCT Mother & Baby Yoga
NCT Baby Massage