We offer post natal support in the form of 'bumps and babies' and parent and toddler coffee groups. Whether you are having the time of your life, or are finding life difficult with a new baby or small child, our 'Bumps and Babies' and parent and toddler coffee groups have something to offer you.

For further information, please call the branch on 0844 243 6030 and leave us your name, telephone contact number and a short message, and someone will get back to you soon.

Bumps & Babies Groups

Our 'Bumps & Babies' coffee groups are very popular and are for mums-to-be, new mums/dads/carers and their babies. They provide an opportunity to make new friends, to share experiences and to support one another in the early days of parenthood.  We either meet in different people's homes each week or at baby friendly venues in the community.  Facilities and support are provided for breast or bottle feeding (e.g. a quiet room for feeding if you need it, changing facilities, hot water for heating bottles and plenty of cushions!).

Parent & Toddler Groups

Our parent and toddler groups are for mums/dads/carers and all ages of children up to pre-school age.  They meet on a variety of days and times, in different people's homes each week, or at child friendly venues in the community. So hopefully there will be a group that is convenient for you to attend.  Everyone is welcome to join our 'bumps and babies' and parent and toddler coffee groups - you do not have to be a NCT member or have attended NCT antenatal classes to come along.

Valley Cushion

If you're experiencing a lot of discomfort sitting down after childbirth, the Valley Cushion can help.  New mothers rarely need the cushion for more than 5 days.  Hiring fees are £15 for the first 5 days, £2 per day afterwards.  Reduced rates are available for those out of work or on benefits.

Please contact either:

Claire in Winchester on 01962 885670.

Diane in Basingstoke on 0844 243 6041 or valleycushion@basingstokenct.org.uk.