Local Directory - Medway

Please remember that all our local branch contacts are volunteers, supporting you from home. We will respond to enquiries as quickly as possible. If you need an urgent response, please try an alternative number or email address from the list and we'll always do our best to help. Contacts listed below are generally Team Co-ordinators.
Branch Co-ordinator Gwen co-ordinator@nctmedway.org.uk
Branch Secretary Tracey info@nctmedway.org.uk
Membership Secretary Kerstin kerstinwray@yahoo.co.uk
Treasurer Dawn dawnfielding@blueyonder.co.uk 01634 669099
Parent Support Co-ordinator, PSA Link, & Postnatal Leader Jenny postnatal@nctmedway.org.uk 01634 687519
Smalltalk (newsletter) Editor Penny newsletter@nctmedway.org.uk 07930 884684
Tiny Talk (e-newsletter) Editor Graeme tinytalk@nctmedway.org.uk
Advertising Vacant advertising@nctmedway.org.uk
Events Co-ordinator Kasia events@nctmedway.org.uk 01634 320722
Nearly New Sale Angela nearlynew@nctmedway.org.uk 07902 041055
Funding and Grants Team Angela funding@nctmedway.org.uk 07902 041055
Parent Hospitality Team Lynn hospitality@nctmedway.org.uk 01634 401790
Publicity Officer Anna publicity@nctmedway.org.uk
Website Catherine and Stephen webmaster@nctmedway.org.uk
Forum Jenny postnatal@nctmedway.org.uk
Facebook Group Angela nearlynew@nctmedway.org.uk
Class Bookings bookings4i@nct.org.uk 0844 2436920 www.nct.org.uk/confidence
Antenatal Teacher Rachel S aestead@btinternet.com 01795 534127, 07814 992971
Toddler Group Team (Little Acorns) Angela D & Dawn dawnfielding@blueyonder.co.uk 01634 669099
Saturday drop-in Kasia drop-in@nctmedway.org.uk 01634 324779
Peer Support Jenny jenny@breastfeedinginmedway.org.uk 01634 687519
Premature Baby Support Kerstin kerstinwray@yahoo.co.uk 01634 281405
Home Birth Support Frances homebirth@nctmedway.org.uk
Maternity Services Liason Vicky mslc@nctmedway.org.uk
Valley Cushion and Breastpump Hire Frances hire@nctmedway.org.uk 01634 409480
Branch Resources Library Gwen librarian@nctmedway.org.uk
Breastfeeding groups in Medway www.breastfeedinginmedway.org.uk
Breastmilk Bank (Maureen Mallard) 01634 825125
Medway Cloth Nappy Network Jenny www.medwayclothnappies.org.uk 01634 687519
Medway Family Information Service 01634 335566