Postnatal Courses info for Medway Branch

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?Early Days Postnatal Support and Discussion courses are designed to meet the needs of new parents, offering the chance to reflect on their new role, share experiences and feelings, and establish a strong support network of those at a similar stage.

It is important for new mothers (and fathers) to have some time to focus on their role, as well as all the time they spend getting to know their baby and learning how to care for them. NCT Early Days courses are fairly unique, in offering this parent-focussed discussion and support.

Early Days courses are faciliated by qualified NCT Postnatal Leaders, who will follow the interests and needs of the group, and create a safe, comfortable and friendly environment for new mums and their babies. Topics chosen by the parents attending often include looking at prior expectations vs reality of being a parent; ideas on settling a baby; routines and patterns; changing relationships; juggling priorities; life with a baby (issues around feeding, sleeping, crying...); ideas of places to go with your baby; thinking about the future and returning to work (or not!). Sessions can be run for partners if there is the demand, but they also gain the benefit of the course indirectly by the new mums going home and sharing what was discussed that day.

Many who attend NCT classes find that they maintain contact and get support from the friends they made there for many years to come.

The courses usually consist of a two hour daytime session run for six consecutive weeks. The cost is approximately £60. Discounts are available on all our courses. Venue, dates and times will vary. We advise women to book whilst pregnant if possible to avoid disappointment.

For more details, please contact the branch's postnatal leader:
To book, please phone the PSA Link on 0844 243 6920 or email her: ?