NCT Birth Companion (Doula)

Research has shown that women who receive continuous support in labour are more likely to give birth spontaneously, less likely to use pain medication, more likely to be satisfied with their birth experience and have a slightly shorter labour. Alongside these physical benefits, the support of an NCT Doula is designed to help women and their partners to have a positive emotional experience of birth as well.

In the Redhill Reigate & Horley NCT branch we have our own NCT Doula who also is one of our antenatal teachers and chair of the Maternity Services Liaison Committee at East Surrey Hospital, so she is well placed to support women and their partners locally.

Anne lives in Redhill with her husband and teenage children. She has given birth both in hospital and at home and is passionate about supporting women wherever they choose to give birth. The role of the NCT Doula is not to replace the partner but to support him/her to support the mother. 

Anne offers three meetings with couples prior to the birth in addition to unlimited email/text/phone contact from the time of booking to 6 weeks post birth and will be on call to attend the birth 24/7 for the two weeks before and after the due date. A further meeting to talk about the birth is arranged a week or two afterwards.

If you would like more information about Anne’s NCT Doula service please contact or 07721 730754

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