Local Teachers - Bath

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Our NCT courses are taught by several local experienced practitioners in a variety of venues across the area including Salvation Army Bath City Centre, Weston Methodist Church, New Oriel Hall and St Luke's Church Hall. Most Signature courses include an 'Exploring Birth Practices and Environments' session which takes place at Bath Birthing Centre at the RUH. Your teacher will help facilitate a 'Social' after this if wanted (usually a quick drink/meal at a local pub!) 

We offer Antenatal Courses which include information about Breastfeeding (Signature and Essentials), Refresher Classes, Waterbirth Workshops, Early Days (Postnatal) courses, Introducing Solid Foods Workshops, Baby Massage courses and Yoga for Pregnancy drop-in sessions.

NCT Signature antenatal Practitioners: Noreen, Maxine, Louisa, Chaya, Katy and Emma

Breastfeeding Counsellors: Heather and Lucy

NCT Essentials antenatal Practitioners: Katheryn

Yoga for Pregnancy: Maxine

Baby Massage: Chaya

Early Days: Liz Pickford

To book a course or for more information, please contact Carrie Anne on 020 8752 2493 /  bookings3e@nct.org.uk

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