Lots of excellent quality maternity, baby, and children-related items all arranged by type, so it’s easy to shop. You do not need to be an NCT member to sell or buy.


Completely run by volunteers, our popular Nearly New Sale takes place twice a year with the seller goods carefully sorted into size and type and displayed for easy browsing and shopping.

Please keep an eye on our events sections for details of the next sale.

Items available on the day can vary, however you can typically expect maternity/baby/children's/dressing up clothes & shoes, toys, baby baths, carriers, puzzles, bouncers, bikes, wetsuits, school uniforms, prams, moses baskets, stair gates, games, play mats, cots, travel systems, bedding, nursery equipment, cloth nappies, ride-on's, scooters, garden toys, high chairs - the list is endless.

Selling at our sale

Please email sellers.cirencester@nct.org.uk for further information of selling at the event.

Sellers will receive labels in advance of the sale, dropping their items off Friday evening for volunteers to sort out into categories, making it easier for Buyers to find what they are after on Saturday.

Anything you sell on the day will be subject to a maximum 30% donation to the NCT which helps us to continue our work locally and nationally to support parents-to-be and new parents. This donation is reduced if you volunteer at the event (see below).

Volunteers at our sale

We rely on as many volunteers as possible to help make this sale run smoothly. There are many different roles available, such as putting out items, manning the tills, greeting people at the door, totalling up sellers sheets, plus many more. No experience is required!

If you are a seller at the sale, please consider volunteering as you will receive a discount on your commission.

Fancy getting the first pick of the bargains? Volunteers have priority shopping on Friday night.

If you think you may be interested in volunteering, or have any questions, please contact volunteers.cirencester@nct.org.uk

Please join our Nearly New Sale Facebook Group for up to date information.