Refresher Classes – What are they and who are they for?


Refresher Antenatal Classes are aimed at women who have given birth to at least one other child.

Women who come to these classes do so for many reasons. For some there has been a large gap since their last child, some may have moved to the area since their last baby was born, even if this was not long before; whilst others may not have attended classes previously but would like to do so this time. There are other women for whom their previous experience of birth was not as positive as they would have liked and they choose to come along to feel more confident and positive about this birth. Some chose to come simply to refresh their memory and to spend time focussing on the new baby.

Women are encouraged to bring their partners with them and many do, although some chose to come alone. All are very welcome.

Clients are contacted before the course to talk through previous experiences with the Course facilitator and to discuss the topics they would like to explore. The content for the course, as much as possible, is then built around the topics that clients have expressed an interest in. These generally cover birth (both vaginal and caesarean), feeding and life with more than one child.

Both men and women who have attended a Refresher Antenatal class have said how much they have enjoyed and gained from the relaxed, informality of the course where they have had opportunity to discuss the topics that were most important to them. Others have enjoyed the opportunity to pause for a while to concentrate on and to look forward to their new baby.

A reunion is planned for around 3 months from the babies due date and older siblings are welcome to attend this event.

If you are interested in attending a Refresher Antenatal course, or know of someone who would be interested, please register your interest in a course at least a month before the course start date or contact the Parent Services Administrator

EMail or

Phone 0844 243 6974


Revised 26/04/16