What is Welly Tots?

- We are a very relaxed and friendly group who meet on the 1st Tuesday and 3rd Wednesday of each month to take a short walk with our mobile toddlers while enjoying the many interesting distractions they find along the way! Hunting for the perfect stick, jumping in muddy puddles and happy toddler dawdles very much encouraged!

NCT Welly Tots FAQs

Do I need to be a NCT member?

- No, not at all but membership supports our charity and there are lots of member benefits. There is a concessionary discount for families earning under £28,000 per year (£10 per year) and a volunteer discount (£26 per year) too: https://www.nct.org.uk/get-involved/membership

How much does it cost?

- Our walks are FREE.

If you’d like to make an optional donation, you will be given the option to when you book your place online

What time does it start?

- We start walking at 10:00 prompt. This means walkers aren't waiting around in the elements. Please allow yourself enough time to get ready.

Can I bring a dog?

- Yes, friendly dogs are welcome. Please adhere to local rules on having your dog off the lead and ensure your dog is always on the lead around livestock. Please clear up after your dog.

Can I bring a friend or family member?

- Yes, of course but please reserve them a separate space as we are currently restricting numbers

Can I use a buggy?

- Some of the routes are passable (though muddy) with an off road type buggy. Please see individual route descriptions for details.

Can my baby come to the group while my toddler walks?

- Of course, please do note the route descriptions though if you are wanting to bring a buggy rather than use a sling.

I'm visiting the area on holiday, can I walk?

- Yes, we welcome visitors and tourists.

When can I start walking?

- We recommend that your toddler is happily walking unaided. Please see route descriptions to choose one in line with what your toddler is happy with. Please introduce yourself to one of our walk leaders.

How much is parking?

- All walk locations have free parking, some of this is on street parking. Please see the route descriptions for more information.

When I get to the car park, how will I know who is NCT Welly Tots?

- Look out for our friendly volunteer walk leaders, they will be wearing high visibility gilets. If it's your first walk, please introduce yourself to them.

I don't drive, can I get a lift?

- Please post in the group and see if someone can give you a lift

I haven't got a car, what can I do?

- Either as above or hire a car from Malvern Car Club http://malvernhills-carclubs.weebly.com/

Do you walk all year?

- Yes, with the exception if Christmas Eve or Christmas Day fall on a Wednesday.

Do you walk during school holidays?

- Yes, these often have more of a whole family feel.

The weather doesn't look good, how do I know if the walk is going ahead?

- Have a look in the NCT Welly Tots Facebook group, one of the walk leaders will post on the group. We aim to walk every month except in extreme weather conditions.

Does my toddler need wellies?

- We'd recommend it as even through the summer time there are puddles to be found and they are often too tempting! NCT Malvern Hills has a welly library where you can borrow a pair of wellies for your toddler for a £2 suggested donation. https://www.facebook.com/malvernwellylibrary/


How long do the walks last?

- It's hard to say, it depends on the mobility of the group but we normally aim for an hour to one hour 15 minutes.

Can I sell items in this group?

- No. For selling baby and child related items, we suggest selling at our next NCT sale. For more info, email Claire: nns.malvernhills@nct.org.uk

I'd like to volunteer with NCT. How do I go about it?

- We welcome volunteers to a range of roles. It's a great way of making friends and developing skills, please contact coordinator.malvernhills@nct.org.uk