We offer a range of services that may be of interest to parents and parents-to-be

Branch Library

Did you know that we have our very own branch library?

At the moment we have 40 books on the topics of pregnancy, birth, parenting and breastfeeding and these are available to anyone with a connection to Wakefield NCT. You don’t need to be a member to use the library. The list of titles is available to download just to the right.

The library currently lives with Anna Milner in West Ardsley. If there is something you want to borrow just email Anna via wakefield@nct.org.uk and she will be able to let you know if it’s available. You sign books out by leaving Anna your contact details and can then keep them for 4 weeks before she starts chasing you.

If you enjoy a book you borrow and want to recommend it, we welcome book reviews to publish in Stork Talk.

Infant Feeding Support

NCT actively supports breastfeeding, and our highly qualified breastfeeding counsellor, Sarah Powell, is on hand for local mums to help with all aspects of infant feeding. Sarah can be contacted on 0113 210 2492.

Breast Pump Hire

Struggling with expressing? Wakefield NCT has two hospital-grade breast pumps for hire. These are extremely effective machines and many women who struggle to express manually or using battery powered machines find it easy to express when using one of these. For more information, please contact wakefield@nct.org.uk .

Valley Cushion Hire

Sore after giving birth? A valley cushion might help. They can be useful when sitting would normally cause pain due to the effects of surgery, including episiotomies, unhealed wounds, haemorrhoids, bruising or general soreness after birth. Please contact wakefield@nct.org.uk for details of how to hire.



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