Many people don’t realise that branch activities are operated entirely by volunteers, usually parents with young children, who want to help other families. Volunteering is fun, rewarding and doesn’t take more time than you’re willing to give.

Volunteering for NCT is not just for women or parents – everybody is welcome. If you feel that you want to support NCT to provide parents with a better experience of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood please consider joining our branch team.

We are always looking for new volunteers. We currently have vacancies for


Branch Coordinator

Our Branch Coordinator is the main link between NCT Head Office and our branch. Their role is NOT to do everything, but to keep an overview of what is going on, supporting our volunteers to keep on the right track. Ideally, a Branch Coordinator is the person driving the branch forward, supporting others to deliver new services or activities. It's a rewarding role and not as difficult as you might think. If you fancy taking on the role, you will be able to do it!

As a core role, the Branch Coordinator is required to be an NCT member. Registered volunteers get a reduced rate for membership.


Advertising Coordinator

Our advertising coordinator is the person that is in charge of coordinating the advertising in our branch newsletter and in the goody bags at the Nearly New Sale. They also organise sponsorship for groups.

It isn't a big commitment, in just a couple of hours a month, you can raise hundreds of pounds for charity. We have a number of businesses that regularly advertise with us, all it really takes is someone to coordinate between them, the newsletter editor and the treasurer.


Newsletter team

Our branch newsletter, Stork Talk, is always in need of content. Whether it is a regular slot or a one off that really interests you, all content is appreciated. Please get in touch with our newsletter editor, Lindsey, on

Since we have now gone back to a printed copy of Stork Talk, we are in need of someone to coordinate the distribution. This would involve receiving the printed copies, putting them in envelopes and labeling them, distributing some to other volunteers to post, with the rest going to the post office. This role is ideal for someone that is looking for a role with infrequent bursts of activity.


Dad's Group Contact/Coordinator

Do you wish you had the chance to connect with other dads in a similar situation to you once your baby has arrived? Would you like to get to know other dads in your area and share your experiences? Weare looking for someone to reinvigorate the Dads' Network and act as a point of contact for any new fathers. You would be supported by the rest of the branch team and the time commitment is as much as you want to give. 

We have other opportunities within the branch in our Nearly New Sale, Fundraising and Parent Support teams and we would also be interested to hear from you if you would be interested in setting up a new group with our support.


For any more information, or to express you interest, please contact our branch coordinator, Helen, on or come along to one of branch meetings to find out more. If none of these roles appeal, but you still want to volunteer, we are sure we can find a role that would suit you.


Please be aware that it is not possible for us to offer work experience within our antenatal classes. We have found that people have had success with applying for midwifery courses after volunteering with us in other branch roles.2

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