Bumps & Babies

Our branches across the UK organise relaxing and informal get-togethers for expectant and new parents.

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Bumps & Babies take place weekly and everyone is welcome. Just find your nearest get-together, come along and enjoy. Many of the groups are free, while others charge only a nominal fee to cover costs.

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It is a great place to make new friends, share your experiences with people going through the same things, have a reason to get out of the house if everything seems too much or overwhelming of if you just need to socialise with people in your local area.

Depending on the local branch there are separate groups for parents with newborns and groups for toddlers.

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Trudy Burrage, 28, attends her Bumps & Babies group in Purley with her 7-month-old daughter, Teagan.

“Going to my Bumps & Babies group has made such a difference to me. I only moved to Croydon 18 months before Teagan was born and I didn't have any friends in the area, let alone know any other local mums. My old friends are all career-minded and I'm the first to have a child. I used to feel really lonely and was quite scared about joining the group initially, but the atmosphere was so welcoming and I've made a whole load of new friends now. It's so important to have that kind of friendship and support on your front door step.”

Caroline Libberton, 35, from Haddington in East Lothian attends her local Bumps & Babies group with her 19 month old son, Oscar.

“The group is somewhere you can go and have a cup of tea and a chat, or a bit of a cry and a hug; something I really appreciated after the first night I spent alone with Oscar. It gives some structure to my week and I’ve made some very good friends. We work hard to promote the Bumps & Babies group so that other mums who could benefit know we’re here.”

Traci Scarpinato, 28 from the United States , attends the Portsmouth & Southsea local Bumps & Babies group with her 20-week-old daughter Sophia.

“My husband and I are from America and our close friends and family live very far away. Joining my Bumps & Babies group has been a lifeline for me. I’ve formed a whole new friendship group and it’s helped me feel more confident during the pregnancy and after Sophia was born. In addition to regular meet-ups, the group members email each other on a daily basis and that’s been a real comfort as becoming a mum feels so daunting at times. It’s nice to know you’ve got that support should you need advice or just a chat."

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