Nappy Library - HP


The branch runs a nappy library service that is open to both NCT members and non-members. This gives you a chance to try cloth nappies before you buy.


Our nappy library has about 10 different brands including the main types of cloth nappy; flat/pocket/shaped. Some are birth to potty sizes and others are specific to the age/size of the baby. Brands include Bambino Mio, Totsbots, Lollipop, Pop 'n' Gro, Wonderworks, Fuzzibunz, Bumgenius, OneLife, Wonderwoos and Motherease. The kit will contain 15 nappies which can be of your choosing, fleece liners, boosters, a nappy bucket, mesh bag for washing them in and sanitiser to add to your washing powder. The kit costs £10 for a two week loan and we ask for a £50 deposit that we refund on return of the kit. This is just to cover some of the cost in case of loss/damage etc which has never been an issue yet!

If you would like to book a kit or would like more information please contact us on