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Our next sale is onNearly new sale logo

Saturday 6th October 2018

at Queen Mary's College, Cliddesden Road, Basingstoke, RG21 3HF

You do not have to be an NCT member to attend or sell at our sales

Opening times:

11.00 - Priority entrance for NCT Members - Membership cards must be shown

11:15 - 13:00 for general public

In the interest of Health & Safety, buyers will not be able to enter the sale with any kind of wheeled conveyance (pram/pushchair), except in special circumstances,  if bringing babies we recommend you carry them in a sling. There is lots of free parking. Admission fee £1.00 per adult

Come along and treat yourself to some excellent bargains: maternity and children’s clothes (up to age 8), toys and equipment.

Seller registration is now open

Click here to register

All registration will now be online, which will mean we can pay you your proceeds from the sale much quicker.

Registration costs £5.00 per seller

Commission on sales iso 20% on all items. Commission is deducted from the proceeds from the items that you sell.

For more information about how our sale works see our How to Sell Page

For all the latest news on our sales and to post questions or suggestions Like our Facebook Page

Advertising at the sale

If you wish to advertise your goods/services at our sale please see our advertising page for rates or email our Advertising Co-ordinator

No Flyers or posters will be accepted without prior agreement and no advertising or canvassing can be conducted on the premises or along the queue for the sale