Baby Welcome Events in Brentwood

The Brentwood Branch of the NCT runs Baby Welcome events every three months.

All mums, parents and carers are welcome to attend our Baby Welcome - they are usually for babies born in the last 3 months. You can contact us for more details by emailing or just turn up.

The Baby Welcome events so far have consisted of an informal area for parents to meet and to chat. The events will give attendees the chance to:

  • Meet with their antenatal group for a catch-up and share experiences
  • Meet with other local mums with babies of around the same age
  • We usually have a Breast Friends Brentwood breast feeding supporter, as well as a retired midwife, there for advice and ideas
  • Meet volunteers from the Brentwood NCT branch and get to find out what is happening within NCT locally and what support we can offer
  • We sometimes have a free taster session for local classes so you can enjoy some fun with your little one (if they're awake!)
  • Drink tea or coffee and eat cake!

Details of our next Baby Welcome can be found here