Nearly New Sale - Brentwood

Our next Nearly New Sale is on Sunday 10th March 2019.

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NCT Nearly New Sales represent the best sales of excellent quality used baby and children’s items. And we are pleased to announce that the Brentwood NCT Nearly New Sales are one of the top 40 NCT sales in the country! We sell an extensive range of quality goods for customers to buy. Since we are not a ‘table top sale’ customers have a lot of choice between similar items which are grouped together e.g. buggies, nursery equipment, toys, clothing, maternity wear, etc and can compare items easily.

Brentwood NCT usually organises two Nearly New Sales each year: one in the Spring (March/April) and the other in the Autumn (September/October). The sales are open to everyone to buy and sell, not just NCT members. We do not accept cheques: cash or credit / debit cards only.

Please see our frequently asked questions for further details.

Dates and details of our next Nearly New Sale can be found here.

Would You Like To Volunteer?

We rely on our volunteers for a successful sale with around 100 people supporting each event.  As a big thank you, we offer the opportunity to shop before the sale is ‘officially open’ and to get first pick of some fantastic bargains.

If you would like to volunteer for the next sale please contact Volunteering is open to both NCT members and non-members alike.

Please keep checking our website and Facebook for further details or sign up for our Nearly New Sale email updates.