Tunbridge Wells & District Signature Antenatal Courses.

Tunbridge Wells Signature Antenatal Courses - Our local practitioners all understand that one of the reasons parents sign up for an NCT course is to make friends: it’s one of the things they’re famous for! So, we design our courses to encourage that. Meaning, by the end of the course, you’ll both have a ready-made support network – your group.

We are here to prepare you for your new role as a parent, support you through your pregnancy, answer all your questions, queries and concerns about labour and birth and also help you support and feed your beautiful baby once they arrive!

  • The interactive nature of the course provides lots of opportunities to get to know the other parents on the course as well as making learning more effective. We also appreciate that this is time that enables couples to stop, think and talk: to devote time to their baby and to each other. This time is really valuable as you begin your life as a family. All NCT antenatal practitioners are fully licensed, trained and experienced to prepare you physically and emotionally for the arrival of your baby. NCT Signature courses are facilitated by two practitioners who are specialists in their own field – antenatal education and breastfeeding. This means you’ll explore all your different options, considering the pros and cons of each rooted in evidence-based research, enabling you to make the right choices for you and your baby

    Every Signature course is tailored to the needs of the parents in the group, and themes that usually crop up are: .

  1. Understanding the physiology of birth – what actually happens, what you can do to help the process, and also appreciating what won’t help. .

  2. Physical skills for labour and birth – positions, breathing, massage, relaxation techniques and time to practise these. . How your birth partner can support you: whether this will be your baby’s father, a friend, sister, your mother – if they are going to be supporting you during labour & birth they’ll be keen to find out what’s going to happen and get some practical guidance on how they can help. This birth will be a major life experience for them and their supportive role is vital. .

  3. Understanding medical procedures & protocols. .

  4. Pain relief options .

  5. Labouring and/or birthing in water .

  6. Caesarean birth . Working through any concerns you may have and understanding your aspirations for your birth.

  7. Caring for your newborn: feeding, practical care, understanding newborn behaviour. Preparing both of you for looking after your baby .

  8. Transition to parenthood: considering both your needs and where you’ll get support. Preparing for the changes you’ll experience as a new mother and father.

This is what parents say about our courses:

 “We found the course really helpful as it answered a lot of our questions and helped dispel our fears about labour, birth and caring for a newborn. The breastfeeding session was also very useful. Additionally we met a lovely group of people who we hope to stay in touch with long into the future.” Sonja, Mike and Thomas

 “The group of friends we’ve made from the course is just amazing! They’ve been a great support. The course was really interesting   and it was great to be able to email or phone the course leader in between sessions and after our baby was born with questions and for support.” Gemma, Dean and Amelia

 “The NCT Signature Antenatal Classes were really fantastic - a great way to prepare for birth and make new friends going through the same experience, in a relaxed and friendly environment. We would recommend them to anyone!” Debbie, Gary & Joshua