Getting Involved - NCT Bath

We are currently without a Branch Team, although we do have a PSA Link, Membership Coordinator and Parent Services Coordinator. Our groups are all run by dedicated Volunteers.

If you are interested in becoming our Branch Coordinator or Treasurer, please contact us. A Branch Team are just a group of parents who would either like to give something back to the NCT or who believe in the vision and mission of the NCT and want to be involved in taking this forward locally.

We meet every 6 weeks or so for evening Branch Team meetings, and in-between for events such as our Nearly New Sales. Most Branch Team posts take on average 2 hours a week and if you involve a friend and job share, you could halve that.

Everybody has a skill they can share with the NCT:

•Got a head for numbers? - perfect for a treasurer.

•Organised and methodical? - join our team of administrators.

•Filling in forms? - join our fundraising team and help apply for grants.

•Good with people? - get involved with your local postnatal group.

•Strong and able? - join us at one of our nearly new or table top sales.

All Branch Team Posts are for a year and if after that time you want to change roles or leave the Branch Team altogether, you simply stand down at the AMM (June). If you have missed our AMM, you can still join our Branch Team meetings during the year. If you would prefer to simply volunteer for us eg. at one our Postnatal groups,  but not come to Branch Team meetings, please let us know.

If you have phoned a Breastfeeding Counsellor, participated in the Antenatal Classes, attended a Nearly New Sale or a Postnatal Drop-in or if the NCT has helped you in even a tiny way, please think about giving something back to the charity. Without the support of volunteers your local NCT would not exist.

Bath & District NCT is run by a small Branch Team of committed volunteers. We ensure that our groups run smoothly, write a newsletter and make decisions about how funds that we raise are spent. We always welcome new volunteers and have a variety of social gatherings throughout the year. Please contact our Branch Coordinator by email, phone or Facebook if you have any suggestions or want to get more involved.

Branch Coordinator/ Chair: Vacant

Treasurer: Vacant

Parent Services Coordinator (Rita & Hannah):

Membership Coordinator (Rita & Hannah):

Parent Services Administrator Link (PSA Link): Heather Kale - Breastfeeding Counsellor: