Newsletter - Bath

Bath & District NCT would love to produce a Newsletter in 2018!!  If you  feel you have the skills to put a newsletter together, please contact Rita by email: Or have a chat with Heather, Chaya or Rita at the Percy Community Centre Postnatal Drop-in on a Friday afternoon.  Maybe you did an Antenatal course together and want a project to work on??!

Our last issue was an e-newsletter in Spring 2015 - see link on right hand side for PDF copy.

Sadly, some organisations have advertised with Bath & District NCT Branch in the past but have refused to pay their bill. Our volunteers would prefer to put their time and energy into supporting parents in the local area, rather than chasing up money from private companies.

The organisations who still owe us money include:

Bristol Zoo (£278.48),  

Mulberry Kidz (£56.40),  

Eden Nannies (£196.56)

Musical Tree House (£90.80)

You don’t have to be an NCT member to use any of our services, but if you join us you would get our Branch Newsletter delivered to you 4 times a year (two printed, two pdf via email) once we have a Newsletter Volunteer Team.

The newsletter features topical articles on parenting, shares birth and early days experiences from local parents and provides detailed listing of local parent and child activities and classes.

This newsletter is produced by volunteers and we always welcome articles from local parents.

If you would like to receive the NCT e-newsletter, please make sure you have given us your email address (please don't use a work email if you cannot access it whilst on maternity leave!)

Haven’t received your newsletter?

If you opted out of written communications from the NCT when you joined, we will not be able to send a copy of our newsletter to you until your preferences are updated. To do this, please e-mail: NCT membership enquiries via the online form.

Otherwise, if you –mail the newsletter team we will try and track down your missing copy or send you another one.

Remember we currently have no Newsletter Volunteer Team (April 2017) but if you'd like to volunteer, please email: