Open House - meeting others in Cheltenham

If you'd like to meet other mums in the local area where you live, why not consider NCT Open House?

Open House is simply a name given to a group of local mums (and dads) who meet up each week, or fortnight, whatever suits, for tea, biscuits and chat. Not everyone is an NCT member and you don't even have to have done an NCT antenatal course.

Meet ups can be coffee mornings, afternoon tea or even an evening event, whatever the group decides. They can be held in your front room, your kitchen, a local park, cafe or a pub! We rely on volunteers to take it in turns to host or to suggest a venue.

It's all about putting new parents in touch with others in the same local area for a chance to meet new people and compare notes on whatever baby stage you are going through. It helps create a support network and can give you a ready made list of future play date friends as your baby grows older and begins to interact with others. In the meanwhile, it can help mums make friends too! Having a baby can sometimes be quite isolating after the daily interaction in the world of work but we have found that it helps to create a new lifestyle that gives both mum and baby some social contact!

We have a team of volunteers who act as contact and will help put you in touch with other new mums nearby.

For Bishop's Cleeve, email Sarah at
For Charlton Kings, email Juliette at
For Leckhampton, email Ali at
For Hatherley, email Annabelle at
For Winchcombe, email Rachel at
For Tewkesbury, email Emily at

Do get in touch if you'd like to come along or arrange / host a gathering.

And if you are interested in acting as a contact for any other area in Cheltenham or the North Cotswolds district, do let us know ( We will post these links on our Facebook page too.