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 Aquatots Bubble Advert

Aquatots Naturally - A Gift For Life

The Aquatots Baby, Toddler & Child programme is the most advanced and enjoyable water safety and swim training curriculum available, designed to follow a child's natural physical and psychological development, through baby, toddler and child years.   Taught across 29 progressive levels taking babies from 10 weeks old through to 7 years of age.

Amazing results and lifesaving skills are often obtained in just a few lessons. For instance learning to breath hold, turning to the side and kicking up from the bottom of a pool are just a few of the skills taught in very early baby levels before a child has possibly even learn to walk.  From there our children will learn to swim independently without the use of any buoyancy aids and this is generally achieved by aged 3 to 3.5 years old.

It doesn’t stop there as once this has been achieved the Aquatots Advanced Child Programme moves on to included Snorkelling, Under Water Scooters and In Water Rescue skills as well as enhanced stroke work in all key strokes.  

Local classes in Brentwood, please contact Natalie Watt on 020 8688 6488 or by email info@aquatots.com.

Website: www.aquatots.com   Facebook: www.facebook.com/Aquatots.swim/ 

Big Yellow

A big thank you to Big Yellow, who supports the Brentwood NCT Branch by storing all the equipment we need to hold our successful Nearly New Sales.

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Calm Space Yoga

The Calm Space Yoga offers Pregnancy Yoga and Mother and Baby Yoga courses in Brentwood and Stock, Essex. Instructor Karen Lawrence is a Registered Midwife, Health Visitor, Specialist Yoga Teacher and mum of seven. 
Friendly and accessible classes. No previous yoga experience needed. Gentle, supportive and mindful sessions. 
For more information and to book, see our website at https://thecalmspace.co.uk/


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