We issue our magazine 4 times a year - December (Winter), March (Spring), June (Summer) and September (Autumn).

Our membership turns over relatively rapidly, so by advertising in more than one issue, coverage can be rapidly increased. In addition to our exclusive advertising space, in colour, on the inside front cover and inside back cover, for which we have a waiting list, we are now offering full page colour advertising elsewhere in the magazine, subject to a minimum of 4 advertisers taking up this option (for colour printing efficiency).

Advertising Rates:

We believe that these rates represent excellent value for money, as the magazine reaches over 600 parents in Chiswick, Grove Park, Acton, Hammersmith and Brentford, as well as being distributed to a number of GP surgeries and other parent-friendly venues in the area.

Our rates are as follows: (the magazine is printed predominantly in mono and is A5 Portrait in size)

Black & White

Size 1 issue 4 issues
Quarter page (80mm x 55mm max )  £55 £200
Half page Landscape(85mm x 120mm max) £90 £325
Whole page (190mm  x 130mm) £150 £540


Size 1 issue 4 issues
Whole page (190mm x 130mm) (subject to a minimum of 4 advertisers committing) £190 £685
Whole page Inside Back or Inside Front Page (190mm x 130mm) (waiting list) £210 £760
Double page spread £380 £1370

Loose Leaf Inserts

Size 1 issue 4 issues
Inserts themselves to be provided by advertiser – up to A5 size (or can be folded A4).. Colour or black & white £185 £670

Prices include VAT.

If you wish to secure a guaranteed position (e.g. top right hand page), this will attract a 10% additional charge.

If you would like to advertise or require any further information, please ask for the Newsletter Advertising Coordinator who is contactable via email on advertising.chiswickandhammersmith@nct.org.uk

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