NCT response to the Campaign to End Child Poverty figures

Released on: 20 February 2013

On 20 February 2013, the Campaign to End Child Poverty published local child poverty figures.

Elizabeth Duff, Senior Policy Adviser of parent charity NCT said:
“Figures released today by the Campaign to End Child Poverty show wide disparity in poverty rates across the UK and within regions. The trends over the past two years also show that the gap between poorer and better-off families is widening again. Financial stress on families with very young children has effects which are multiplied as children grow and potentially cause problems that are far more costly to solve – in terms of both finance and family wellbeing.

“Anxiety and difficult decisions about how best to spend a low income leave parents at risk of poor mental health, poor nutritional health, inappropriate drug and alcohol use, and breakdown of couple relationships which may include domestic violence. 

“NCT calls for protection from further spending cuts of vital services for families with children, including Sure Start Children’s Centres, and relationship and parenting support. We also ask government to recognise that all family budgets are under heavy pressure as food and fuel prices rise, while benefits are capped. Today’s figures reinforce the clear need for such mounting pressure to be halted now.”