We currently have a number of roles available. Would you like to get involved?

Branch Coordinator and Nearly New Sale Co-ordinator Charlotte

Please contact me on: email - chair@ncttaunton.org.uk

Parent Support Coordinator - Felicity

Is a key role for the branch that helps to ensure we are reaching out to new parents in the area and offer them a wide range of support, including organising our regular SpeedBumps events.

Membership Secretary - Amy

Please contact me on : Tel - 01823 289022 or email - membership@ncttaunton.org.uk

Branch Treasurer - Victoria Bunn

My name is Victoria Bunn and this is my amazing little family.   The two gorgeous little cupcakes are Charlotte, aged 3, and Harriet, aged 11mths, and the daddy of our ‘Bunn-ch’, Edward. In a previous life, B.C. (Before Children), I was a primary school teacher, however I am now lucky enough to spend my days with my girlies  and all that entails!  My husband, Edward, is a commercial manager for a construction firm and works in London.  Charlotte currently attends pre-school and will start big school in September (sob).  Last, but not least, little Harriet.  She is a very laid back little thing, although is on the verge of crawling, so we are eagerly awaiting the fun to really begin!

Our first involvement with the NCT began through antenatal classes, with our first child, Charlotte.  More recently, we have been regular attendees to the Early Days Café in West Monkton, a fantastically supportive group run by post natal practitioner, Anna.  

Branch Secretary - Michelle Parnaby

My name is Michelle and I live in Cotford St Luke with my husband Jonathan, two children, Caitlin who is 5 and Joshua who is 17 months, and our puppy Rusty. We moved down to the South West in 2012 and have never looked back!

I attended the NCT Speed Bumps Evening in 2014 before the birth of my son, my friends are also involved in NCT and I have heard brilliant things about their involvement.

Newlife Advertising - Helen

Helen advertising and newlife editor  I first came into contact with the NCT when I registered to attend a Speed Bumps event advertised at a Nearly New Sale.  I subsequently took part in a postnatal course and attended the Early Days Cafe nearly every week after my son Thomas was born until he was on the move and too old for the group.  Having moved to the area with my husband’s job and being away from family I found the cafe a huge source of support and help.  Being a new parent is a challenge and knowing that you’re not the only mum having sleeping, feeding, teething ‘issues’ is very reassuring!  And now it’s my turn to give something back! 

If you would like to advertise your business or service with the NCT please get in touch.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Please contact me on: email - advertising@ncttaunton.org.uk

Newlife Editor - Nadine

 Please contact me on: email - editor@ncttaunton.org.uk

Antenatal Teacher - Susie Peeler

Hi I'm Susie Peeler and have been involved with the local branch of the NCT since 1997. I have held various posts on the committee but since qualifiying as an antenatal teacher in 2004 I have mainly helped out at sales rather than take on any other roles. I run about 5 courses a year and have taught hundreds of couples. I have three children all of whom benefittted from the various groups which the NCT runs for preschoolers. That probably all seems a long time ago for them since they are now 14, 12 and nine.  When I'm not teaching antenatal classes I fit in a bit of lecturing at Somerset College and I'm also studying for a research degree.

Please contact me on: email - susiep@ncttaunton.org.uk

Antenatal Teacher - Vicky

Hi, my name is Vicky and I am qualified Antenatal Teacher offering classes in the Taunton & District Area. I grew up between Taunton and Bridgwater but moved away to Leeds and then London when I was in my late teens. I joined the NCT when I had my first baby back in 2004 and have been involved ever since. Pregnant for the first time I was totally clueless (I’d never even held a baby!) and somewhat friendless (I’d just moved to a new area) and was desperate to attend their classes so that I could build up skills, confidence and friends! Unfortunately the area where I was living had no Antenatal Teachers so once I’d had my baby, and found friends through the many other events the NCT runs, I decided to do something about it and train to do the job myself! Over the next few years I went on to have another baby and complete my University Diploma in Antenatal Education enabling me to start teaching in North London. In 2010 I relocated back to Taunton and since then I have been able to offer my services to the new parents of the Taunton area. I am absolutely passionate about working with people as they prepare for the birth of their baby and my courses hope to be a welcoming, relaxed and fun experience! I aim to increase my clients’ confidence and offer support, advice and somewhere to talk, both about the labour and birth and the early days as a parent. I run courses throughout the year and if you are interested in booking please contact our Parent Services Administrator, Fiona ( bookings3b@nct.org.uk or
0208 752 2490).

Postnatal & Essentials Practitioner and NCT Tutor - Anna

AnnaHI have been involved with NCT Taunton since 2003 when I attended antenatal classes before the birth of my first daughter in early 2004. I really benefited from the classes and the NCT approach to adult learning and was hooked! Shortly after becoming a mother and looking for a change in direction, I started to train as an NCT Postnatal Leader. Having caught the studying bug, I carried on with my training and qualified as an NCT tutor in 2013. 
As a qualified practitioner, I have been facilitating our weekly discussion group for new mothers, The Early Days Café at West Monkton Village Hall, since 2007. I have supported hundreds of women through the sometimes stormy world of new motherhood at the Café, as well as running various courses for new mothers and fathers, including introducing solids courses.
As an NCT tutor, I am involved in training the next generation of our practitioners, either studying for a Cert HE, which qualifies them to run NCT Essentials (Preparing for Birth and Beyond) courses, or for a foundation degree as a Postnatal Practitioner.
I am married to Ralph and we live in West Somerset with our two daughters, Iris and Nancy. 

Please contact me on: email - annah@ncttaunton.org.uk

Breastfeeding Counsellor - Sarah Harcombe

Hello, I’m Sarah Harcombe and I am a breastfeeding counsellor. I first encountered the NCT nearly 10 years ago when my husband and I attended the NCT antenatal classes when we were expecting our first son. Several years (and children!) later some of my friends were struggling with breastfeeding and were so upset to have to give up. I felt unable to help them despite my experiences of feeding my own children and so decided to train as a breastfeeding counsellor.  I qualified in May 2010 and I really enjoyed the training and now my role. I teach the breastfeeding session of the antenatal classes, run two drop in groups and offer support and information through telephone calls and emails, and also home visits if required. This year I am hoping to train peer supporters within the branch so that we can provide more breastfeeding support. In Sept 2011 I began my training as an NCT Birth Companion, which once qualified in May 2012 will enable me to support a couple through their antenatal period, through birth and into the early days with their new baby - I feel very excited at the prospect of being able to provide support at this very special time in people's lives. If you are interested in this new service from the NCT please contact Alison Green, the Birth Companion Co-ordinator at b_companions@nct.org.uk Working and volunteering for the NCT has taken me down so many new roads and I have met many inspiring people along the way - I cannot recommend it enough!

Please contact me on 01278 733 650 or at breastfeeding@ncttaunton.org.uk 

Deputy Nearly New Sales Co-ordinator - Libby

Please contact me on: email - nns@ncttaunton.org.uk

Dads Group Coordinator - Vacant

Please email info@ncttaunton.org.uk if you would like to set up social events and activities for Dads.

Branch Web Editor -Please contact me on: email - website@ncttaunton.org.uk

Our branch team is fantastic, friendly, enthusiastic and caring. Get involved if you can!!

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