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Back in September 2014 I had my first NCT experience. I was pregnant with my first born and my nervous first time dad to be husband, persuaded me that we absolutely needed to do a First Aid Course. I googled and discovered NCT offered a First Aid Course and that they were taught by trainers from the British Red Cross. Excited to learn we signed up.

As a first time mum to be I remember the course being informative, and certainly putting my mind at ease about at least some of the many ways I could potentially break my baby! Three years or so later, after two babies (AKA two cases of baby brain) and several trips to A&E and Westcall, we decided it was time for a refresher and booked on to another course.

One of the great things about the course is that you can take babies who are under 6 months and non-mobile along with you. For me, it made everything we learnt seem even more important attending with our little one who was 5 months at the time.

The course was held at Southcote Community Centre and we attended on a slightly chilly December morning, but the friendly British Red Cross trainer was warm and bubbly. We soon forgot about the Christmas shopping and enjoyed a couple of hours learning lots about how to deal with first aid situations for babies and children.

ryan "Baby Annie" and my baby!

The course covered:

- Unresponsive baby and child (breathing or not breathing)

- Choking baby and child

- Bleeding

- Burns

- Raised temperatures

- Meningitis


Some of my particular highlights were:

- Getting the chance to practise; you can almost have a nap when you're pretending to be breathing and non-responsive!

- Learning the DR ABC; it stands for Danger, Response, Airways, Breathing, Circulation and is a way to remember to check out a First Aid situation.


Overall it was a morning well spent and I would recommend to anyone expecting, with a new baby or who, like us, has children getting themselves into new and challenging situations every day.


If you are interested in attending one of these Reading NCT First Aid courses, sign up here: 

https://www.nct.org.uk/branches/reading-10  You won't regret it!


Caroline Basden


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