If you have been thinking about trying Washable nappies but weren't sure where to start, give us a try. We can guide you through the different types available. We are run by volunteers and any profits made go into expanding the scheme. As we don't represent any company (but want to give people a chance to sample real nappies) there is no pressure – we’re just interested in your views of what works well or not.

How the Nappy Bank works

  • We are currently operating three schemes:
    1. Short-term loans (3 weeks) so that you can try different types of nappies and make sure that reusable nappies are right for you before you buy
    2. Medium-term loans (6 months), which can be renewed to extend the loan period if desired.
    3. Long-term loans (1 year) of tried and tested nappies which could save you up to £700 compared to the cost of using disposables till potty training!
  • The cost of borrowing any nappy is £1 per loan period (plus a refundable deposit)
  • We will pay £2 for your old nappies if in good condition and you no longer need them (unless you'd like to donate them) - please wash them first! We could also do with any nappy buckets, liners, nappy nippas, etc.
  • The nappy bank is operated under the Banbury branch of the NCT but you don’t need to be an NCT member to use it.

Please email Sally at nappybank@yahoo.co.uk if you are interested in Borrowing / Banking and we can arrange a convenient time to meet up and discuss your needs.

Free Trial (Supported by Oxfordshire County Council)

Oxfordshire County Council is kindly supporting us provide 10 nappies (any loan period) plus a bucket and accessories (for 3 weeks) for free for anyone living in Oxfordshire! If you want more than 10 nappies or want to extend the loan of a bucket and accessories for longer, just add on at the prices above. Only one free trial available per child. Contact Sally on nappybank@yahoo.co.uk for more details.

Available to lend

The short-term loans include sets of Tots Bots Easy Fit V4, Bum Genius (All-in-one pocket and Flip), Little Lambs all-in-one pocket, Modern Baby Pop-Ins New Gen V2, Grovia, GNappy, Wonderoos V3, Apple Cheeks and Fuzzi Bunz One Size. We also have a wide range of individual nappies for you to try in order to find out what works best for you and your little one, as well as advice-booklets etc. The nappies available allow you to try a range of materials (terry cotton, microfibre and bamboo), different fastenings and whether to go for wraps or all-in-ones. We cater for all sizes too.

The medium-term loans include sets of Modern Baby Pop-Ins, Wonderoos and others. We also have a good range of new-born size nappies including bum genius, tots bots teeny fit and mothercare smart nappy.

The long-term loans include Motherease Onesize, Motherease Stay-dry, Snuggle Naps, Kushies Ultra and Kushies Classics as well as prefolds and shaped terries.

We also offer the following :

  • Nappy bucket, net bag and 10 washable wipes (short-term loan for £1)
  • Reusable fleece liners to buy (5 for £1)
  • Disposable paper liners to buy (20 for 50p or a pack of 100 for £2.50)

Please get in touch to find out exactly what we have as it's likely to evolve as time goes on.

Would you like to learn more about early infant pottying (EC)?

We have the following books for loan at just £1 for 3 months (plus returnable deposit)

  • The Diaper Free Baby, by Christine Gross-Loh
  • Infant Potty Training, by Laurie Boucke
  • Infant Potty Basics (with or without diapers... the natural way), by Laurie Boucke
  • Diaper Free (the gentle wisdom of natural infant hygiene), by Ingrid Bauer

If you want more information contact Sally on nappybank@yahoo.co.uk 

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