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Compiled together by an editorial team made up of volunteers with input from local parents and families, NatChat is our branch magazine which is published online 4 times a year.  It aims to keep readers up to date with local NCT news such as any lobbying and events that are organised by the branch or NCT Head Office.

Most importantly, it contains articles which are written by local families for other families.  Here generous authors share their personal experiences, struggles and joys of being expectant parents, of childbirth and of parenthood.  Periodically, there are also some more factually orientated articles.  These articles are enjoyable to read, relevant and informative to families who will/are journeying through similar stages of family life.

Anyone can submit articles for NatChat.  It will be impossible to produce NatChat without a steady stream of articles coming in.  If you are a keen writer, and would like to share your experiences, ideas, hints and tips on any topics related to bringing up a family, get in touch with us or just submit your work by email to  Topics can range from the use of reusable nappies, birth stories, pregnancy diaries etc. Our editor will be only too glad to receive them.

Along with articles which are submitted by readers are our regular features.  The birth of a child is a cause for celebration and we provide parents the opportunity to do this through the inclusion of their child’s name in our birth announcement section.  If you have given birth recently, why not send the name of your child to us so that we can publish his/her name in our next edition of NatChat?  It will be a great keepsake.  You can do that in multiple ways – private message us through our facebook page at or email at

We thank all the businesses who advertise with us for providing us with the necessary funds for the continued production of these magazines and other projects run by Chester NCT and National NCT Office.  If young families are the target audience for your business, what better way is there to ensure that your advertisement gets seen? We get over 800 views per issue.  In turn, you will be involved in the invaluable cause of assisting the NCT Chester Branch to grow, and be more active in reaching out and providing support to more parents then ever.  For all NatChat advertising enquiries, email

Past Issues: July 2017, April 2017, January 2017, September 2016.


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