At the NCT we understand how important it is to have a comfortable, well-fitting and supportive bra both during and after pregnancy. Our range of feeding bras have been tried and tested by thousands of real mothers – so you can be confident that you will feel both comfortable and well supported whilst feeding your baby.

A FREE personal fitting service is offered by over 100 NCT volunteer bra fitters throughout the UK. Telephone 08458 100 100 for your nearest fitter. Alternatively, give your measurements to one of our experienced staff, who will help you select a suitable size.

Call our customer service team on 08458 100 100.

When to buy a feeding bra

The ideal time to be fitted for a breastfeeding bra is from 36 weeks. By this time your ribcage will have expanded by 1-2”/1-5cm. However, within a few weeks this will return to normal proportions. nct bra extension pieces will help with these variations in size.

How to measure your bra size

To find your bra size you start by measuring your ribcage A, and your bust size B, as shown on the diagram, while wearing a bra. The ‘A’ measurement will be your band size. The difference between these two sizes (subtract A from B) will give you an indication of your cup size. A rule of thumb measurement is that each inch difference is a cup size, so 1” is an A cup, 2” is a B cup, 3” is a C cup, and so on. So, as a guide, if A is 36 and B is 42 your bra size will be around a 36F. Once you receive your bra the correct fit in the cup is important. Ensure you lean forward into cups (lean over forwards and give a shake). Your ribcage will get smaller once you have had the baby so if you are pregnant the bra will need to be on the outermost hook.

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