NCT College

NCT College, in partnership with the University of Worcester, continues to develop and deliver the best training and professional development opportunities in parenting education. Applications will open for September 2016 entry in January 16.

Do you feel passionate about NCT and the work it does to support parents during those First 1,000 Days of pregnancy into parenthood? If you understand and advocate the benefits of having a supportive professional to help guide you through this rewarding but challenging journey, why not join us?

Our Birth and Beyond Foundation Degree  is your route to supporting new and expectant parents in a range of rewarding roles, be that as an Antenatal Teacher or Postnatal Practitioner.

When you have completed  our Level 5 Foundation Degree this allows you to work as an NCT Signature Antenatal Practitioner,  an NCT Essentials Antenatal Practitioner, or as a Breastfeeding Counsellor or Postnatal Practitioner.  From here there are additional Modules which you can study to add to the breadth of your skills, allowing you to work for example as a Yoga for Pregnancy or Baby Massage Practitioner.

If you want to continue with your studies you can move onto a BA Hons Degree at Level 6. 

Why study with us:

  • We offer the only university-accredited qualification in parenting education.
  • Our training is flexible with full and part-time options, held at regional locations.
  • The majority of your study is self directed study with tutor support

For those wanting to study in Scotland,  we have a tutorial group  in Edinburgh.


If having read these pages you still have questions, please complete the  Course Enquiry Form  or  call us on 020 8752 2453.

We talked to Serena Macleod, mum of two children under 2 years’ and currently studying with NCT college, about the flexibility offered by this NCT College course.