The NCT courses for new and expectant parents have been running for over 50 years and we support over 80,000 new parents each year.

The following courses are available in the Islington area:

NCT Signature Antenatal Course

With an NCT Signature antenatal course there's the reassurance of knowing your course will be as individual as you are.  That's because every course is designed around the needs of the mums- and dads-to-be taking part.

With more than half of your course exploring the birth of your baby through discussion and active participation, you will receive a unique blend of evidence-based information that guides you through pregnancy and your baby's early days.

Your NCT Signature antenatal course always has information to help ensure your baby thrives and includes a session on breastfeeding.  Much of this session will focus on understanding what your baby needs and does; so even in you are undecided about how you will feed your baby you will still benefit from this segment of the course.

For more information please see the full outline.

NCT Essentials Antenatal Course

A condensed and our most affordable antenatal course, NCT Essentials answers your questions about pregnancy, birth and caring for your new baby.  One easy-to-follow theme is covered during each of the six two-hour sessions.

For more information please see the full outline.

Refresher Antenatal Course

A course designed for those who have already had at least one baby.  It offers parents a chance to reflect and build on past birth experiences and prepare for looking after a new baby.  Courses are tailored to the needs of those there, based on previous birth experience and desires for the coming birth.  For more information please see the full outline.

Waterbirth Workshop

An opportunity for women and their partners to consider, in detail, the benefits of using water for pain relief and for birth.  The workshop covers local provision for waterbirth, practicalities of using water at home or in hospital, the role of the birth partner during a waterbirth and other relevant topic areas.  They can be attended as a stand along workshop or in addition to a standard NCT antenatal course.  For more information please see the full outline.

Early Days/Postnatal Course

NCT Early Days courses offer a supportive environment to share your experiences of motherhood and reflect on how you want to parent your child.  The trained NCT postnatal leader who runs your course will help you share ideas and information with other mothers.  The topics discussed will be chosen by your group, but typically include different parenting styles, sleeping and crying, dealing with changes in you and your relationships, going back to work or not, and childcare.  The course is aimed at women with babies aged between 4 weeks and 6 months old.  For more information please see the full outline.

Introducing Solids Course

Our Introducing Solids (weaning) Workshops give you an opportunity to discuss information on starting your baby on solids.  The sessions cover topics such as deciding when to introduce solid food to your baby, deciding what approach to take, what foods to avoid and understanding what to expect.  The course is aimed at parents/cares of babies who are aged between 3-6 months old.  For more information please see the full outline.

To view a list of courses currently available in out area please see the courses listing.  Alternatively, email our Parent Services Administrator (PSA) at or call 020 8752 2495.

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